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What the fucks up with these guys? my friend just gave me a cd-r, what a fuckin opening track, Someone Will Pay, fucking kick ass song, the rest is like shitty love songs? what the fuck?

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Haha. Yeah, it's a lot lighter than you're lead to believe early on, but imo it's a pretty good disc. My only issue with it, actually, is the dude's high pitched voice. Kind of wrecks a few songs, but otherwise a good disc. I think I got this in my first ever CD trade. Surely you love 'Never wanted to say goodbye' (my fave) and the killer "live" track, 'Oh Jamie'? Great songs.

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To tell you the truth Geoff, after that first song I wasn't in a romantic mood, I wanted more of the first song, I'll have to go back tomorow and pick up on track 2.

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