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Who the hell are these guys? -- Part 5


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I actually did find some stuff out about these guys. Apparently, they were a pretty decent band back in the day in the Boston area. I love the songs on their myspace page. Good kickass street/sleaze/glam.


From their myspace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...endid=118370312


Hi, Want a free tape? True Boston scene music goers heard this over and over again as they met the members from Witch Bonnie flyering the Boston music scene constantly between 1989 and 1992. After the band completed it's first 8 song demo tape, several record companies passed. Since there was still a local demand for the band's recorded music, the demo actually ended up being the band's first release. It was a simple 8 track recording, but "Hot, Nice & Nasty" eventually found itself in thousands of cassette players. The follow up 10 song release "The First Time Always Hurts", also sold thousands of units through the merch mail order campaign. In all, Witch Bonnie had reached 50 U.S. states and 22 countries via the band's self marketing campaign. By 1991, Witch Bonnie was receiving up to 200 pieces of fan mail daily, with a over 150 cassettes distributed daily.


Witch Bonnie disbanded in mid 1992. Towards the end, Keiley had left the band to join another Boston band, Sideshow. Our good friend, and smoking guitarist, Whitey filled in on bass for our final shows. After the band parted, Gomez, Scott and Whitey continued on as Mama's Tongue, while bruce went on to join Acid Jack comprised of Jim Maher and Roy Porter of Tin Pan Alley, along with Eric Boomhower and Derek Sanchioni. Both bands were received very well by the changing Boston Music Scene, thanks to Nirvana.


Members 1989


Chris Gomez - Vocals


Bruce "Bonnie" Bennett - Guitar and vocals


John Keiley - Bass and vocals


Scott Johnson - Drums






Steve Moro - Drums II


Whitey - Bass II




Witch Bonnie 2007


John Keiley - Bass and vocals


Bruce Bennett - Guitar and vocals


Steve Moro - Drums


V - Vocals (from Live Wire/Kari Nations)

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Retrospect released some of their stuff on CD. I have the s/t eight song release (2006/1990). Thanks for bio on them. Its nice to know a little info on some of the unsigned bands.

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I read this somewhere, do you think it's true?:


"Keiley was an absolute mad man on stage (and off), and yes, he really did eat live crickets on stage at the Channel, and spit them out on the crowd."

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This band sounds pretty awesome. Can anybody help a brother out with some MP3's?


Yeah... I would love to hear more of these guys. That shit kicks ass.

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Bruce Bennett, the lead singer owned Krystal Rose Music......and went on to form the band Star Collector during the early to mid 90's. Krystal Rose used to send out a 'newspaper' with tons of Indie bands that he was promoting. I bought a TON of stuff through them back then....including Frontrunner, Herland, Stancy and lots of other Boston based bands....


I had both of their demos transferred professionally a few years back....before Retrospect released their stuff. Not sure, but I also have a cassette single by them that probably is not on the Retrospect stuff either....


Excellent sleazy hard rock band!

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