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So, shoot me


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>> It was tolerable until the wiggers started to rap... <<


I dunno, I don't think it takes away from the song in this instance. It's not OVERBEARING and I think the dynamic it creates with the chorus (first pass) and then the repeat of the first verse (second pass) works pretty well.


I'm thinking the label is banking a bit too much on the blonde dudes looks to move product, though. 10 to 1 he has a poster out by summer.

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>> No offense, but the tune made me wanna jamb pencils in my ears... (so I'm sure the mass populace will eat it up like Skittles)


And whats with the ultra gay matching "&" sign tattoos???? <<


LOL I'm not offended. Like I said, "So, shoot me ..." - it's a guilty pleasure, I guess. Can't wait for Jez and Tim to chime in because, from what I undersand, this has been ALLLLL over the place in the UK. I'm sure some very choice words will be coming.


And yes, ultra gay is the only way to describe those tattoos, I agree!

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