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Any Blazer fans?


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NBA fans and particularly Portland Trailblazer fans here? Killer young team right now and too bad GM Pritchard passed on all possible trades before the deadline...in this economic situation it's buyer's market in the off-season though.

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Well I SHOULD be a fan as I live about 20 miles away from Portland.. :tumbsup:


I don't much follow the NBA, but I May have to soon.....


You probably have to...the owner Paul Allen is willing to spend money while others are trying to cut costs in this economic situation. And I have to get up 4-5 AM to watch those games :crazy:

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Oh you mean are there any fans now that their doing good? Well enjoy it while it lasts, cause theirs a healthy pissed off team breathing down the back of their neck, set to blow the Blazers and the Butt Nuggets out of standings, say hello to Deron Williams bitches!!!!

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