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New album due soon from these guys - could be a good one.


The band:

DAVID PALAU: Guitars, Keyboards, Lead & Backing Vocals

PAU SASTRE: Lead Vocals







Check out the song 'Sometimes' - I am in love with this tune.

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It finally clicked what that 'Sometimes' song sounds like. It reminds me of 'Rainy Monday' off the Skin Tag album. Average disc, but simply stunning song which made it on my 'Best of' (all discs) compilations.

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Wow, what happened here? Just listening to their s/t debut now... it sucks. :(


'Sometimes' sounds a million dollars and 'Staring at your door' is a pretty good ballad, but the rest is terrible. It has kind of jazz elements all through it. Really not good at all. A real shame because they have a killer production job behind them too. Oh wait, another half-okay ballad - 'I found my way.' Borderline, though.


Still got 4 songs to go after this one, but I feel safe in delivering the news that this is unfortunately crap. :(

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too bad for that, could it be one of the worst releases of 2011 ? :D

One of the worst, maybe, but as long as Hurtsmile exists, it's got the worst CD of 2011 covered well.


This Guru CD is just a real shame. As I said, great production, great guitarist... I just don't know what they were thinking for most these songs.

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yeah Hurtsmile hurts pretty bad, too bad since i kinda dig Extreme's "Saudades", i remember there are several great tunes there.


well, hopefully the hype of 80s revival isn't going to crowd the market with crappy releases for the next few years just for the money, quality is important to survive, especially when everybody's able to listen to the whole album months before its official release :D

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