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Dear Superstar - 'Heartless'


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Just found these guys purely by accident as a link on the Night By Night myspace page, but holy shit... check these guys out:




Maybe just slightly modern enough for the real clowns to have a whinge, but for anyone interested in killer hard rock this sounds like quite a treat. Definitely gotta check these guys out some more.

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Geoff boy, you might find their 2nd cd in your local JB hi/fi.

Really? Good price? I will check it out as it's nowhere on the net. ;)


And yeah, Chris, after re-visiting both bands when I was sober I prefer these guys to Night By Night too. I haven't returned to that thread today yet, but they maybe weren't as amazing as I thought after a few drinks. :lol: Still very pormising, though. ;)

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I've been pretty quiet about this because of the slight disappointment of the format in which I received it. I bought it for dirt cheap off the net knowing it was just a promo, which I was cool with because I can't see it available to Australia anywhere else anyway. The problem, you ask? It's one of those godforsaken motherf*cker promos which only have one track. All 10 songs are here... but in one approx. 45min format. So that's been pissing me off, but seriously, this is a really good disc. I see they're touring the UK with Papa Roach, who I still insist they sound a lot like. If they were to tour Australia in this format I'd be there... hope a few of you UK guys get to check this out.


Anyway, I enjoy all the songs, especially 'Anytime any place', which is really cool. If you like Papa Roach and Burn Halo, this is the next step. And as for Jarred's comment, not even the most fickle scream hater could find enough on this disc to turn one's nose up. There is more screaming on the new Papa Roach disc. But there is pretty much none on that CD, I hear you yell at me. I know, I reply. I know.

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