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Audio samples posted for 4 Sun City releases


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I like the sounds of Jungle Blue. Going off Rafo's recommendations I listened to 'Whoah no' and 'Don't you walk away' which both sound superb!


I get the feeling there may be some fillers on that Bad Attitude disc, but I like the sound of tracks like 'Way that you rock', 'Bad attitude' and 'Leaving you'. To be honest, maybe not as many fillers as I think. They sound really cool. Vocals aren't my thing, but it's not overly important.


Not too sure about Taupier. Would probably need to hear that in full to make up my mind. Wow, that said, 'Change your mind' is stunning. Maybe they're better than I thought. Just a few of the other tracks don't sound amazing. 'Teenage lover' is another cool rocker.


Road Ratt sound like, well, Road Ratt. Not one of my fave bands ever, but pretty good. I'd be keen to check this out.

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