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Steeplechase - S/T


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Any of the classic AOR fans here know of this one? What's it like? Wishing Well has a few copies of the 1997 CD re-issue + bonus tracks for $15. Any truth to all those comparisons?

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I still have this one somewhere on my shelves. It's been a while since I listened to it though. Quality pomp as I recall. These High Vaultage reissues are usually high-quality CD packaging with extensive liner notes; I don't recall any specifics about this one though.



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Correct ! I have this HIGH VAULTAGE reissue and it really is of high quality. Silver-pressed CD, 16-pages booklet and everything you would want. 15$ is a great price for it. Buy !

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Got this one today. As already mentioned the High Vaultage re-issue has a nice booklet and includes some interesting reading about the bands history. Pretty cool music too....I get a bit of a REO Speedwagon and Foreigner vibe. Fans of those bands should get on to this one if they haven't already.

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