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TWC to screw customers yet again?


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This won't really make a HUGE impact, but there are times I'm just stuck on CC or VH1 Classic.


Anyone else going to be affected if TW bends over customers again?


News Article on TW-Viacom Sitch


(As an aside, I didn't even know about the scrolling banners on these stations until I read this. And I've tried to call thrice and gotten a busy signal each time.)

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Just read about this in the paper this morning. Then my son was watching "Spongebob" on Nickelodeon a little while ago and he asked me what the scrolling banner at the bottom of the screen was all about... he was afraid that it was a weather alert or a disaster warning or something... hahaha.


We have Cablevision so this potential "blackout" of Viacom stations wouldn't affect us, but I can sorta relate cuz a couple of years ago we went thru the same thing when Cablevision and the then-new YES Network (owned by the NY Yankees) couldn't come to terms on broadcast rights when YES first went on the air. Cablevision didn't carry YES for its entire first year (which was a very LONG dark year for me as a Yankees fan, I hardly saw any games!) and didn't finally get onto Cablevision systems until about ten minutes before the opening game of the following season!!! In the interim, Cablevision lost Lord only knows how many pissed-off Yankee fan customers to satellite and DirecTV.


If Time Warner Cable knows what's good for it, it'll settle whatever tiff it's having with Viacom before midnight tonight or they're gonna have to face the wrath of untold legions of "Dora" and "Spongebob" deprived kids (and their enraged parents!) tomorrow!!!

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Looks like TWC and Viacom have kissed and made up. :)





Networks Will Continue to Be Available On All Time Warner Cable Systems


New York, NY - Jan. 1, 2009 — Time Warner Cable (NYSE:TWC) and Viacom (NYSE: VIA and VIA.B) jointly announced this morning that they have reached an agreement in principle to renew carriage for Viacom’s MTV Networks. The companies expect to finalize the details of the agreement over the next several days.


Glenn Britt, President and CEO of Time Warner Cable said, "We are pleased that our customers will continue to be able to watch the programming they enjoy on MTV Networks. We are sorry they had to endure a day of public disagreement as we worked through this negotiation."


Philippe Dauman, President and CEO of Viacom said, "We’ve been partners with Time Warner Cable for a long time, and we’re happy to be renewing that partnership for the benefit of their customers and our loyal viewers. It’s gratifying that we could reach an agreement that benefits not only our audiences but that is also in the best interest of both of our companies."

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