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Holiday Shopping.....


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Continued from the Best Buy thread:


Funny Story from Last Week....


I was at Best Buy looking at CamCorders for Christmas and the store was a buzzin with Christmas shoppers. I got the info I wanted for the camcorder I was looking at and went to check out with my headphones and DVD. The guy in front of me was a scraggly looking dude that looked like he slept in his car and had a slight odor to him. He had a smaller flat screen TV, DVD Player, some DVD's and other miscellaneous trinkits. She was ringing up his items and he got out a checkbook and started writing and before he could even get the words "Best Buy" written on them, she already had told him that she'd need to see ID with that. The guy ignored her and kept writing. The total was $600+. I glanced down and it looked like the guy had starter checks although I couldn't see perfectly. He wouldn't look up at her. She asked for ID again and he just stood there and said that he shouldn't need to show it. I could see it in his checkbook, and I knew that she could as well, but he slammed it shut. She asked one last time and said she couldn't accept a check without an ID and pointed to a sign. He got a little pissy and asked "Do you want to make this sale or not?" and she politely answered, "sure, but I need to see an ID"... He picked up his checkbook and told her "Fuck Off, I'll go somewhere else"... :popcorn: She "POLITELY" told him as he walked away, "Have A Nice Holiday Yourself, Sir"...




Talk about holding your composure in a hostile environment... I gave her kudo's for her holding her tongue. I snickered a little and asked her "Is that short for, Fuck Off Yourself?" and she just giggled.... "Something like that". Aparently, they've had a fair share of people like that this year.


I left the store with my stuff and went next door to Target to look through toys and there the asshole was picking up stuff in their electronics department as I walked by. I saw they also had some of the same camcorders that Best Buy had, so I went over into the electronics section. A sales guy came over to me to assist and I made a reference (hint hint) to the asshole and the incident at Best Buy ad pointed him out. Next thing I knew, there were a few workers paying special attention to him. I left and went to the toy area with Ashlynn and found some toys. I went up front to check out and there's the jackass in a bitch-fest, stomping out the front door :whistle:


As I walked out, the sales guy I had talked to was standing there with a manager looking guy and I said, "Lemme guess... No ID?" and the same answer as Best Buy... No Check's without an ID. The manager guy was going to call the rest of the nearby stores with the info and the nice picture of him the security cameras got. They said Thanks for the Tip and I went home... I'm a weenie :whistle:







On a side note:



I have to say that Holiday shoppers are some pretty rude jackasses sometimes. I went to 4-5 stores that day, and many of the people I saw picking up stuff couldn't even put it back correctly if they chose not to get it. All the stores were in shambles to say the least and there were plenty of workers trying to keep things tidy, but it seemed it was all in vain. People were knocking clothes off the racks with carts, looking at what they'd done and then just walking away, one lady's kid tore open a toy and all she did was throw it back on the shelf, leaving a few pieces of it on the floor as she left, etc... People are pretty self centered this time of year....


I did my part by helping a nice lady by jump-starting her car. How could I not? She was parked nose to nose with me at Sears and had a barely cranking battery. She was on the phone with the Towing company and I walked over with jumper cables. She didn't want to be a bother... NONSENSE!!! It takes all of 30 seconds to hook them up and get the car going. So... I hooked them up, She cranked the car up and tried to offer me money, and I couldn't accept it. I did point out that the Sears car care center was right around the corner and she could get her battery looked at or replaced there. She hadn't even thought about it. She vas very thankful and polite when she left and she pulled around the corner to have them check it out for her. That was my good deed that day... :drink:

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At Target I always hated picking up the crap that guests would destroy. Not only did we have to stock the shelves we also had to make sense of the guests destruction. There would be baskets and baskets of reshop to work back to the floor. I'm glad that sales floor normally took care of that. You would go to work out the product on the floor and nothing would be where it is supposed to be. The trucks would be twice the normal size, you had the extra job of fixing the mess, and they expected you to have it done with only an extra hour of time. O' the joy of the holidays.

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  • My Little Pony

Wowaweewoo! Somebody's getting a visit from Santa Claus.

I myself am usually a rude jackass even when it isn't a holiday. I don't know why, but I just give short answers and become demanding.

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