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Eonian Records here to answer questions ...

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Greetings everyone,


You will have to forgive me, but I have never spent much on message boards. I have known several of you for a good while, and it was not until recently that a couple of friends told me that many have been asking questions about this new label.


I will do my best to answer any questions you might have ...so please feel free to fire away.


First, I am a husband of 10 years, and a father of a crazy six year old daughter. I am a Marketing Director for Habitat for Humanity during the day and spend probably 30 to 40 hours a week and on the weekends running a new record label called Eonian Records.


For those of you who want to know what Eonian mean:


It comes from the word "Eon" which means "An immeasurably long period of time." This in our case is the Hair Metal era.


I can talk about the label's staff, currently signed artists, new artists that we have not yet announced, how our release schedule is coming along, as well as some confirmed released dates, our distribution deal with Chavis Records, digital downloads on over 50 sites, our art direction, recordings, etc. Anything you are curious about, just ask and I will do my best to answer them in a timely manner.


I also wanted to let you know that David (Sun City), Sam (Retrospect) and I, Stephen (Eonian) exchanged a few e-mails late into the morning to not take cheap shots at each other on message boards, as well as respect who we are all working to sign. There are many great unsigned artists out there, and all three of us have one very common goal and that is to release them to you, the music fans.


Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and open things up to questions. I will try and make regular stops to post some announcements to keep everyone updated, but also know that our PR staff has been working hard to reach out to hundreds of magazines, webzines, and radio stations ...so you should be seeing a lot of us coming in early 2009.





President, Eonian Records



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Hey Stephen


Thanks for your update...looking forward to buying all the releases....they look awesome.


Any info on all the bands that not have been signed and bands that may be signed in the future especially the Broad St. Bullies...Looking forwardto you answers..


All the best of success in 2009.....

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    • Well this is annoying. He is releasing some of these covers in a vol.1 album, but guess what, fucking vinyl only and when people keep saying on his social media "What about CD?" he keeps saying "Maybe on Vol.2" ... what is the point of having vol.2 on CD if you can't get vol.2? I don't get why artists keep shitting on CD buyers by only including vinyl for releases or for some reason cassettes. Vinyl obviously costs a lot more to produce than CDs and there are far less places available to press vinyl, so they nearly always end up delayed due to back log (remember when Adelle released her last album on vinyl and all the vinyl pressing places said "fuck everyone else, she takes priority" and other artists were all posting on social media that their vinyl release was delayed because of this). This is why a vinyl album is pretty much twice the price of a CD. Anyway, in case anyone is interested https://erik.merchants.se/en/shop.php?fbclid=IwAR2Pmidu4Hx9AkIl_4USksgWaGcA0H0D-rJZKsHkcrQmDaIPTCCXGEu9STY  
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    • Just seen a post on Girish Pradhans FB page about some guy using the audio from one of his FB videos in a parody video and not crediting him (it's all sorted now). Funny thing is, I forgot the video even existed (my brain would have still been wonky back then). Yes it is a cover version, but damn I wish he would sing more like this on the albums rather than trying to be more agressive with his vocals. I like the albums, but think they could be better if he went this direction vocally.  
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