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HH Radio feed at Live365 revamped


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Been about a year since I changed the song lineup for the HH Radio Feed, more than a bit overdue...


About 10 songs remain from the old lineup, but all the others are new, so enjoy!


Here's one of the new tracks, one that I had completely forgotten about. Just a monster chorus: Mystery Song

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Listening right now! :headbanger: Some absofuc*inglutley great tunes here!! Even some old Royal Hunt. My favorite!! THANK YOU Dan. :bananamac:


**I used to be able to play stations thru my Winamp. All I did was choose MP3 Player in my settings and it would download a file to play in Winamp. NOW...there are only two choices in MP3 players. Thiers and Thiers. :whistle: LOL One is for VIPs only. Sucks cause I like Winamp. But I'll listen to the HH stream thru thier player. ;)

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Ok NOW im gettin a stiffie!! :anon: LOL Not because Im gay either! ;) But D.C. Cooper. Holy Crap!! Besides the other station I request it at, I have NEVER EVER heard it played on the internet. And of course not in my whole life on a mainstream radio station. Most those A-holes wouldnt recognize good music if it was sleeping with them!! :doh:

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