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Joan Red


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You can download their new song over at Alternative Addiction - its called 'Sorry Its Over'......its killer and its free.


So what are you waiting for???!




(look down at the bottom right hand side for the download :tumbsup: )


Also head over to their myspace page and listen to the MONSTER 'Cant Let Go'. Jesus this rocks (check that ending) :banger:


'Show Me The Way' is also a geat rocker.


& 'Crush' is stunning heavy, dark ballad.




Unsigned as usual, but hey ho - that's life eh??

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'Crush' is a nice track... not bad at all. 'Show me the way' is a killer track and 'Sorry it's over' is the best of the bunch. Wow.


Would definitely pick up a disc from these guys. Good call... again. :)

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Finally spinning the debut album from these guys called 'Side Effects Of You'....and its pretty damned good. Heard quite a bit of it before, but just to add -


the trio of songs 'Sorry Its Over', 'Strong Enough' (stunning ballad :bowdown: this track really is the dogs bollocks!) and 'Show Me The Way' are about as good as Ive heard in 2009 in the modern stakes.


The last 2 tracks are great as well......love the hard hitting riffage of 'Changes' and another good ballad in 'Prayer For Rain'


All in all another good modern album in 2009!


You can stream the whole album at their myspace page.





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