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Heavens Basement - These Guys Rock!


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I was wondering what the hell happened to Roadstar and now I do.


This is some good stuff IMO. I'm looking foward to a cd release and hopefully they get a better shot than Roadstar did. Becasue that band got fucked IMO.






FYI: Please forgive me if this band's been talked about. I was gone for a while.

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They sound pretty good to me. I have the Hurricane Party release and like it as well. I just wish they would settle on one name.


I kind of understand why the name change was done from Hurricane Party to Roadstar, which I thought was a better name anyway.


I might be wrong but the manager they parted with with they disbanded Roadstar might of owned the name and that is why they changed, but I could be wrong about that.

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Awesome to see these guys haven't given up on rock'n'roll yet. I thought I had read they were pretty much fed up after Roadstar. I own the Hurricane Party EP and both Roadstar albums. Very very cool news. I'll be looking forward to their release as well which according to their website is sometime in the near future. Rock on!

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