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Ebay Scam - Phony USB Drives

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These fuckwits need to be kicked in the head :hammer:


A Coworker of mine gave me his 16gb USB drive the other day so I could load a bunch of videos I had onto it for him. He had some crap on it to begin with, so he told me just to format it and load away. I clicked the format and it formatted within 5 seconds... A little too quick considering my 1gb camera card only formats in about 10-15 seconds. I looked it over closely and noticed that it had an awkward little stamp on the USB connector that said 16g.... NOT GB like should be there. I then tried loading some of the videos on to it and it errored a bunch of times. The ones that did manage to load wouldn't even play out of the drive..... My suspicions were right... He got one of the reprogrammed drives that are selling all over ebay and other sites.. The jackasses are taking 256 and 512mb drives and "flashing" them with new programming to fool your computer into seeing 8-16gb. John thought he got a good deal when he spent $70 on this... He got screwed.


For More info, read here: BEWARE of FAKE 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB USB Flash Drives on eBay


If the "deal" sees too good to be true, it usually is... :whistle:

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When it comes to things like this I try to stick with a real store. I'm just glad I bought my 160 GB drive from Amazon. You can trust a store like Amazon and not have to worry about getting screwed over. I've had it stuck to me multiple times on Ebay, but never for that much.

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i was tempted to buy anIpod copy, 8gb for like £20 from Hong Kong....but then i sorta realised how stupid that woulda been and passed it up..


turns out its the same deal, these 8gb Ipod ripoffs were only 128mb...

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