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Terrible buyer: doubleex all seller block now!

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Hey everyone, I thought I would give all you sellers a headsup on a terrible buyer, doubleex is the user id, this idiot won 3 of my tapes last week, bid them up to $102 each, now will not respond to any emails, and his or her feedback seems to be going down the toilet, 5 negs just today....the name is below of the person....what pisses me off is If I would have seen their feedback going south during the auction I would have cancelled their bids, but while they were bidding they had 100% great feedback, just my luck they decide to stop paying for thier shit, after winning my stuff...I tried the phone # that ebay has but no luck.....anyway, avoid this buyer.....Mike


Ann Imal

257 22nd Ave

Worcester, MA 01605

United States

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Go to www.switchboard.com and look up the number there and make sure it's the same... :whistle:

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Yeah she got me for one also. I've been waiting for the dispute to clear though it was for only one cd. When she bid on mine she had a zero feedback by the time the auction ended she had a 3 with no negs so I thought she would be ok. Guess not.

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yep, that's what I thought Mike, why do people bid on stuff they know they can't pay for, and will eventually get them suspended if they do enough of it....



Anyone else think that looks like a fake name?


Ann Imal = ANIMAL


weird.... :P

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