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Staynlis-my friends new band-Great rock sound


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the band is Staynlis....




'Cry' is a real good tune


yeah its Christian hard rock, my good friend shawn ryan is lead singer. he finally hooked up with some great talented guys who know how to lay down some crunchy hard rock tunes. some would say its in the line of creed, but i think they have a deeper hard rock vibe.

give it a listen, shawn has worked many long years to find his nitche, i think hes hit the nail on the head with this group of guys. 1 cd out already and i think the 2nd EP is out now too.

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Damn that is quite good. I might get some of them off iTunes. I like that alot... :banger:

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i dont know if they are on itunes yet or not, but you can get the cd thru the website and myspace site.

It said they were available on iTunes on the MySpace page.

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sweet, i need to call shawn and give kudos!! they played a halloween concert at the ks state fair and totally dropped the jaws of many people. i didnt get a chance to see them cuz i was out of town for my brain ***insert joke here***, but many people told me how great,tight and clean they sounded. they have put a ton of time into the equiptment and sound they have been searching for. i think they hit the nail on the head...now they just need to drive it home!!

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Just finally got around to checking this out and the verdict is...I like it. Pretty good, crunchy, modern melodic hard rock/metal happening here. I added it to my ever-expanding list of CDs I want to buy. I don't hear a whole lot of Creed influence; they actually remind me more of Decyfer Down (though, frankly, not quite as good) which is no surprise, considering Tony Palacios produced both of them.

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