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Another name for DavesMetal

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'metalslaves' is another DavesMetal I.D. I've seen posts on this clown before but I didnt know it was him, until I saw the Paypal email address...


He advertises items as 'New' & 'Sealed', both of which are bollocks. He also packages so piss-poorly that the CD's get badly damaged in transit, & he takes 3 weeks to ship from the U.S to the U.K. :screwy:


He has a great RETURNS policy which fills you with confidence, until you actually email him & he never responds. He has managed to go a full month now without any Neg Feedback (despite a poor overall feedback record), but that is all about to change for this loser.



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I've picked up 2 cds from him over the last year and I had no problems but maybe I was lucky....I knew it was davesmetal when I bid and I knew I was taking a chance because of previous bad experiences but I figured maybe he had reformed...and I really wanted the cds....He's definitely a seller to be wary of....

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Never dealt with Dave before, but had read about him here.

I ordered a CD from Metalslaves a few weeks ago, and recieved it fine (it took about 2 weeks).


Only issue I can see with him is that the CD I bought was Wrathchild - Trash queens, which to my knowledge has never been on CD, so I bid on it assuming its a boot.

Nowhere in the auction did it mention it was not an official release, which to those not in the know, might be seen as deception.


Its actually a pretty good copy though, silver pressed and all, so I am happy as I got something better than I personally expected.

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I had similar experiences with him. -_- AVOID !! :loser:

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To be fair to him he has partially tried to resolve issues, but it still isn't worth the hassle.


One thing I've noticed from various discussions/observations, is that it's often better to lose auctions to some U.S eBay powersellers, as you'll more likely than not be offered the item (which they always have in multiples) for the price you bid as a 'second chance'. During conversation with an auction winner, pleased to have received a fairly rare item for a decent price, he was not quite so happy when he found out I was offered the same item as a 'second chance' for $12 less! After further investigation this seems a fairly common practice...


The motto being, decide what you think an item is worth & stick to that price. If you get outbid, so be it. You never know...

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