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Christian metal reunions

Dormant Christian metal bands  

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Christians, Catholics, agnostics, atheists, Wiccans, Satanists, hedonists...regardless of your religious faith (or lack thereof), we all know that some truly kickin' melodic hard rock/metal has come out of the Christian metal arena.

I thought Catholics were Christians? ;) Just a little ribbing there, Mark. :)

I would love to reply, but unfortunately, because I wear a "God Headbanged" shirt, I am apparently numbered among the pagans and no longer qualified to discern who is a Christian and who is not. <_<

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Guest Maximus
Fear Not for me by a mile....in fact, there was rumor....or something in Heaven's Metal back in early 94 or so that hinted that there is a demo floating around after the S/T release too....but I have had NO LUCK in trackin' that down.

You ever do track that puppy down, make sure you don't forget me! Of course, given how much success we've had at trying to find a copy of Latter Reign, I'm not exactly holding my breath...


In case you ever come back and check this post.... Latter Reign never had the chance to officially release their recordings. They refused an offer to sign a very underfunded contract and broke up about a year after recording their third studio effort (first was a six-song demo, the second which included a re-recorded "Desire" was never quite finished and the third was a newer, heavier sounding album that was shopped around for a deal). If you would like a few unreleased songs, I think I can arrange something for you.


Bradley Smith

guitarist, Latter Reign

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