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Probably best known for Metallica covering their song "Blitzkrieg" I found this on blabbermouth.....



BLITZKRIEG: 'Theatre Of The Damned' Samples Available - July 19, 2007

NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) legends BLITZKRIEG have posted audio samples of two new songs — "Theatre of the Damned" and "The Phantom" — on their MySpace page. Both tracks come off the group's new album, "Theatre of the Damned" (cover), due on August 10 via Germany's Armageddon Music. The CD was recorded at Absurd Studio in Hamburg with producer Schrödey and co-producer Biff Byford (SAXON). According to a posting on the Armageddon web site, "Theatre of the Damned" "offers the same authentic heavy metal of the '80s along with a super freshness and total attitude."


"Theatre of the Damned" track listing:


01. Theatre of the Damned (4:22)

02. The Phantom (4:43)

03. Devil's Spawn (4:14)

04. My Life is my Own (5:06)

05. Spirit of the Legend (5:35)

06. The Passing (0:54)

07. Into the Light (6:18)

08. Tortured Souls (4:23)

09. Together We are Strong (4:33)

10. Night Stalker (4:50)

11. Bonus Audio: Armageddon (6:25)

12. Bonus Audio: Blitzkrieg (3:43)

13. Bonus Video: Escape from the Village.mpg

14. Bonus Video: I'm Not Insane.mpg

15. Bonus Video: iPod - Escape from the Village.mp4

16. Bonus Video: iPod – I'm Not Insane.mp4


BLITZKRIEG's most recent album, "Sins and Greed", was released in July 2005 via Metal Nation Records.


BLITZKRIEG will perform at Wacken Open Air on Thursday, August 2 for the "A Night To Remember" show alongside headliners SAXON.


Take a listen to their new music on their myspace page.....




I think I am gonna buy their new album, sounds pretty damn good!!!!! :banger:

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Not bad, not bad... :banger:

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Ive saw them live twice,damn good they were to,once supportin Saxon in glasgow and the other with Doro in london,top band. :headbanger:

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A Time of Changes 80/100 "Blitzkrieg, A Time Of Changes & Saviour" fav songs


Unholy Trinity 85/100 "Struck By Lightning & Calming The Savage Beast"


Ten 75/100


The Mists of Avalon 90/100 "The Legend (III) Camelot, The Legend (V) Arthur, Love's Too Late, Yesterdays (Hope For the Future), Tranquil State" My fav and the best Blitzkrieg album IMO of course.


Absolute Power 80/100


Sins and Greed 85/100 "Hell Express & Desolation Angel"


Theatre Of The Damned 85/100 "Devil's Spawn, Tortured Souls & Together We Are Strong"


Classic NWOBHM/Heavy Metal band.

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