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  1. Only song i ever heard of theirs was Your Mama Dont Know.Good song.Did they have any succes in the us?
  2. Hey martinsane i know play deep was huge in 85-86 but their 87 and 89 albums should of been just as huge.I know the songs every time you cry,all the love in the world,and your love were big hits.Should of had more with the follow up albums.
  3. I like this band and have their two cds.Dont know if id get this.
  4. Hi Jez i agree.Ill never understand why their frst 3 cds werent huge.
  5. Hi any fans of this great band?I have all their cds.Love their first 3 the most.
  6. Awful news.I love Autograph.Very Sad R.I.P
  7. I really like everythng ive heard from them so far.
  8. Oh i had the first 2 Marshall Crenshaw cds few years back and loved um.I love that Saxon version also.
  9. Id just prefer to stick to their first 2 cds.
  10. Hi Jez i agree.He should of had a few more hits.
  11. Hi Jez i never heard those 6 track you mentioned.
  12. I had this but never even listened to it.I prfer the first two cds.
  13. Man Def Leppard suck now.Actually i hate anything theyve done since Pyromania.
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