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Here's a REALLY bad eBay buyer

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Dukes of Hazzard' car buyer doesn't pay

By RACHEL KONRAD, Associated Press Writer

Thu May 10, 8:08 AM ET


SAN FRANCISCO - A nearly $10 million eBay bid for a car made famous by "The Dukes of Hazzard" seems to have vanished faster than the Duke boys escaping from the sheriff.


The General Lee's owner — actor John Schneider, who played the blond heartthrob Bo Duke in the 1980s television series — is upset that the $9,900,500 winning bid appears to be a hoax. The bid set an eBay record last week.


Schneider plans to list his 1969 Dodge Charger with a bricks-and-mortar auction firm that strictly screens buyers, and may file a lawsuit against the bidder, said Allen Stockman, who runs the star's Agoura Hills estate and has sold scripts, memorabilia and other items on eBay for three years.


"If this guy was just doing it as a prank or to ruin someone else's chances, he deserves to be hit in the pocketbook," said Stockman, who gave the winning bidder a negative rating in eBay's feedback forum.


Schneider, 47, was at a promotion in Las Vegas and could not be reached for comment.


The winning bidder — identified on his eBay home page as William Fisher, or "fishbashr1" — did not return e-mails and did not answer the phone listed for his house in Laguna Hills.


Schneider's plight is the most recent fraudulent bidding episode at eBay.


In December, a Montreal man listed a 40-year-old acetate of "The Velvet Underground & Nico" by Andy Warhol. Bidding began at 99 cents, but after 10 days, 253 bids and numerous articles about the item in the media, the winning bid was $155,401. Within hours, the bid was determined to be a hoax and the item was relisted.


In March, bids on a gas grill said to be owned by Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez reached $99,999,999, the highest bid the Web site was technically capable of listing. EBay pulled the listing after the company couldn't verify the grill was owned by Ramirez.


EBay spokeswoman Catherine England said the company doesn't keep track of how many winning bidders renege.


"There are all sorts of reasons a transaction may fall through, and we have a claims process for both buyer and seller," England said.


When bidding escalated on the General Lee, a customer service agent called Stockman and recommended that he only accept pre-qualified bidders who could prove that they had secured financing. But Stockman said he didn't have the time for credit or background checks.

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was probably Boss Hogg bidding..


That explains it!! And here I was wondering "Now who would wanna rip off a nice guy like Bo Duke? He's just a good ole boy, never meaning no harm."

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was probably Boss Hogg bidding..


That explains it!! And here I was wondering "Now who would wanna rip off a nice guy like Bo Duke? He's just a good ole boy, never meaning no harm."

:rofl2: ...nice one Keef!!

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This may go over the heads of some, but perhaps the bidder is on stuck the other side of silicon mountain and can't get Bo on the CB.

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Bo Duke isn't taking this auction fiasco lying down either!!!


John "Bo Duke" Schneider Clashes with eBay


Actor John Schneider indicated Wednesday that he intends to take the more conventional route of selling his General Lee car, used in the Dukes of Hazzard TV series, through a reputable automobile auctioneer. His decision came after a buyer of the vehicle, who bid nearly $10 million for it on eBay, appeared to renege on the deal and eBay accused Schneider of not accepting its advice to employ a third party to pre-approve bidders. In a statement, Schneider said, "When eBay decided to put my auction on their home page, it became their auction." Schneider noted that at one point the bidding had reached $6 million but that eBay had later scaled it back to $2 million. That figure, he said, "must have come from somewhere." Implying that he may take legal action not only against the reneging buyer but also against eBay, Schneider said, "When a multi-billion dollar company takes ownership of an event, in this case an auction, I believe they take responsibility for the outcome."

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    • You should check your post in "The Song Game" thread last Thursday mate. Glass houses and all that. 
    • New album 'Paradise Lost' out September 29th through E.X.R Records. 1. Paradise Lost 2. Get It Out 3. Runaway Train 4. Heroes 5. Back Where You Started 6. Dead Beat Clown 7. Devil Inside 8. Life Goes On 9. Beyond Repair 10. Tin Soldiers 11. Babylon              
    • A most excellent album
    • Anathema - Weather Systems Anathema - Distant Satellites Anathema - Optimist Rammstein - Sehnsucht (Anniversary Edition)  
    • Yeah, it's a good cover of a classic song, but a song that good is always going to sound killer. Still doesn't make that any more than just a good cover version of it. The original remains unparalleled. 
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