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  • 4 years later...

was just watching some videos on youtube from these guys. man, what a flash back in time that was. some great memories associated with their music and my life at the time. now I did a search on this site and seems like we've never really had a big discussion about this band. what a collection of talent we have here.

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I saw D.Y. at Radio City Music Hall in NYC in early '93. I was never more than a casual fan but a buddy of mine won tickets from the local rock station and invited me to come along. So I honestly wasn't expecting much but I had to admit they put on a kick ass show.


Jackyl opened and they were utterly retarded (I mean that in a good way)... they were funny as hell. J.J. Dupree was running up and down the aisles in a g-string, climbing up the curtains, etc. -- at one point he grabbed a guitar and jumped up onto an empty seat next to me and my buddy. He was wailing all this guitar noise then he went into the riff from "My Sharona," looked at my friend Ralph and I and said "I wrote that!" :rofl2:


D.Y. kicked a ton of ass too. Shaw did Styx's "Renegade" and Tha Nooge did "Cat Scratch Fever," "Free-For-All" and "Stranglehold" along with all the DY stuff. Blades did Night Ranger's "You Can Still Rock In America," which was OK but I would've rather heard 'em do NR's "Don't Tell Me You Love Me."


I did eventually buy the DON'T TREAD CD so I guess I liked'em well enough. :D

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