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eBay returns

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I haven't had a problem on eBay before, so I'm just seeing what usually happens.


Anyway, I bought some items for around $25 + $10 shipping. The items arrived and turned out to be fakes, so I contacted the seller about a refund and he said that would be ok. But he wants me to return the items before I get the refund and wants me to pay for the shipping...so in other words I'll have to pay $20 (shipping both ways) to get my original money back. Paying for one of the shipping charges I can understand...but I think both ways is a bit overboard.


His auctions didn't have return item details. So what I'm wondering is if it is normal to have to pay the shipping both ways to return the items.

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Had a problem similar to this on Half.com a couple months ago. Bought a Trivium: "The Crusade" CD from a seller who claimed it was "brand new, still-sealed, and included all inserts," but what I actually received was a used promo copy with no booklet. I contacted the seller and after a few semi-friendly back-and-forth emails, he refunded my money...minus the shipping, which was $3. He then informed me he expected me to send the CD back to him. I said, "Fine, please Paypal me $2.50 to cover the return postage." He got angry, but when I explained that from my point of view, if I did as he asked, when the whole thing was over, I would be out $5 with nothing to show for it, and since he had misrepresented his merchandise, it hardly seemed fair that I be out a single penny, let alone several bucks. His final response was, "Fine, keep the damn CD, see if I care."


So I did. :)

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Did you pay via paypal?


if so, I'd file 'an item not received' dispute.

Don;'t file an 'item not as decsribed' dispute cos you won't win.


Once you get your refund, throw the discs in the same envelope and put 'retun to sender'.


As far as the dispute goes, I would file it the same way. After all, you DID NOT receive the item you paid for in good faith.


I would not return the item to him at all. First, it is illegal to place "return to sender" on a package that is already opened. Second, all he is going to do is sell it to someone else. Save that person the grief as well.


Oh, what is the seller's name and what were the items?

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