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  1. Grand Funk Railroad Survival Grand Funk Railroad Phoenix Grand Funk Railroad E Pluribus Funk Grand Funk Railroad Closer to Home Grand Funk Railroad Grand Funk (Red Album)
  2. Humble Pie Eat It Humble Pie Street Rats Humble Pie On to Victory Humble Pie Go for the Throat Small Faces Playmates Small Faces 78 In The Shade
  3. I think if Yes, Micheal Bolton, Kenny (disco) Loggins, Richard (Disco) Marx are on here whats wrong with Joe Walsh?
  4. This site has Deep Purple & Moxy with Tommy Bolin. No James Gang or Tommy Bolin solo. They should be added just for the history of the bands.
  5. Is Robin Trower to post?
  6. Hi, I recently added some Doogie White CD's. They didn't get added in the recent update. I'm new to this site and would like to know what I did wrong in my adds, this way I can correct any mistakes I made Thanks..
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