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  1. many bootleg CDs was made in Greece and Russia, you know. but we don't know who made them, so need to know how to differentiate bootleg and original one. but luckily(?) now we know who made the fake OBI. so as long as anybody doesn't resale his fake OBIs, the solution is so simple, don't buy from him. did you find any rare Japanese CDs with OBI in his ebay items? then don't buy them.
  2. the notorious ebay seller japanrarehunter did a big bad job again.he is selling fake Japanese OBI strips.see attached picture. left one is original and right one is the fake one from japanrarehunterit was reported he made a lot of fake OBI strips for many rare CDs. known fake OBIs are Chastin (MP32 series), Venom japanese assault, Iron Maiden (3200 yen series), Unruly Child, Vio-Lence, Death Angel, Airdash, Wild Dogs etc. don't trust photo of his ebay items. he used to take a picture of original one, and will send you fake one he made.so don't buy any Japanese CDs from him. that is best.
  3. I can think of 2 reasons : 1. Shill bidding is nearly impossible to do again as e-Bay started policy adjustment years ago regarding this matter. 2. He didn't do it often, maybe once in 100 cases and he keep doin' it because he got away with it several times. Maybe he got few complaints but a full refund to customer solved the matter and only one or two cases resulted in negative feedback. The profit in this is way too high I guess, get a rare Jap copy without OBI for $30, copy OBI for $1, and sell it for $100. shill bidding is very safe because ebay doesn't care that. ebay love $$$ and the ebay policy against shill bidding is just joke. japanrarehunter also know it well. you know nowadays he used to sell his CDs with various starting prices. if the starting bid of any rare item is $9.99, yes, he will do shill bidding in the last day if the price is still low than he expected. and yes, he will not make fake obi often, he doesn't need to make fake obi of Helloween "keeper of the seven keys". if his rare item has very clean obi, it is better to suspect fake one.
  4. japanrarehunter this rip-off seller has another big problem http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=japanrarehunter&iid=-1&de=off&items=25&searchInterval=30&which=negative&interval=365&_trkparms=negative_365 he is selling FAKE OBI. if above negative feedback about FAKE COPY OBI is the only one, that can be just his mistake. but my friend also got FAKE COPY OBI from him. he got refund. this rip-off seller know they are fake copy obi. but if his buyer doesn't know about that, he will not say anything. he will just keep his $$$. it is big problem as much as shill-bidding. you may know he keep his feedback list as private when he doesn't sell. the reason is without any doubt that he doesn't want people to read the negative feedback.
  5. yes, i also understand what you are saying. nobody force buyer to pay much. but some people do it. i think that is the natural behavior of human being. i don't want to talk about any psychological issue. instead, i want to say you a real story. i used to go to Tokyo every year to buy CDs. and some friends used to give me their want list + their maximum price when i go to Tokyo. a friend of mine was looking for Metallica Kill 'em All Japan 12 tracks, and he said he can pay for it up to $40. when i have been Tokyo, i found it but the price was about $60. but i thought $60 may be ok for him. so i bought it for him. i was back to home and met him (say "A") and another my friend (say "B"). "A" said $60 is a little high. then "B" said to sell it to him for $60. and then what happen? "A" said 'i am first, i will buy it for $60' yes, "A" may be stupid. but that is human being. when you bid on any item from such seller as like drgoon, you will always meet such people as like "B". problem is that "B" is real bidder or drgoon's friend (or drgoon's another account)
  6. we are talking "shill bidding" in this topic. right? so when you talk about the guy randomcoil, it means he is also doing shill bidding. you also said he is doing same thing. right? so do you have any evidence he is doing shill bidding? i expect your answer to prove he does shill bidding. stop to saying such stupid answer, "he is doing same thing". if you talk about only kreator, you can be correct. i didn't talk about kreator in here as i don't have any evidence to prove it (even though i guess he is doing it) i understand you hate him as he outbid you so many times. but that is not shill bidding. if you don't still understand what is shill bidding, go to ebay or some related web site, and study what is shill bidding. we are not talking in this topic about any seller you hate personally. and don't misunderstand, i am not friend of him. i don't know his real name even. and finally look the feedback list drgoon / pricekiller / japanrarehunter received. you can find a lot of russian buyers who buy and pay so much. i am sure some of them is reseller. randomcoils is not the only person who buy and sell.
  7. there are a lot of cases to auctions. assume one of such cases. here is an item you are willing to pay $30 for, and drgoon also know this item deserve $30, so he doesn't want to sell it for less than $30. instead he set the starting bid as $9, his friend momojirou will bid on it for $29.99. it doesn't matter who bid on it first. you may be winner of it, and you will pay $30 for it. ok, as you was willing to pay $30 for it, you can be happy with the result even if you know the seller did shill bidding. but you lost the chance to buy it for $9 (if nobody bid on it) or at least less than $30. and assume there is another person who are willing to pay $30 for it. he found the current bid is $30 when last minutes of the auction. well, it is possible he is willing to pay a little more. if he outbid you, you can think you also pay a little more......and finally the stupid battle. but without the shill bidding, in other words, if the auction's price stay with $9 til last minutes, the result can be different. there is definite difference between 2 rivals and 3 rivals (= actually 2 rivals + 1 false bidder)
  8. when i talk about kreator, i am saying his activity as bidder as like randomcoil. ok, is it clear if i say hammerheart44 / randomcoil? i am NOT talking about kreator72 / thallos81. they buy CDs from ebay and sell them again at ebay. that is NOT shill bidding and NOT bad thing.
  9. is it non-sense to compare such ebay sellers with used cd shop because they pay tax???? what a great logic!! i know the owner of a record shop who used to buy CDs from ebay to sell them at his shop. so, as to you, though they all do same thing, the owner of record shop is good guy because he has his own business, but kreator / randomcoil is bad guy because they are private seller. and don't compare him with such bad guys because he pay tax! you totally misunderstand what is "shill bidding". kreator / randomcoil PAY for the CDs they won and resell them at ebay. (though kreator is some suspicous when he bid on momojirou's items) all is legal. i think a lot of person including kreator/randomcoil are doing same thing at ebay. but drgoon / japanrarehunter raise the price of their own items using their another or friends accounts. their buyers was ripped off when they outbid such "false" bidders. that is shill bidding and that is crime. they are big difference.
  10. english law is not best example, but one of examples. all ebay rules is not correct / some ebay rules is correct, and the rule for shill bidding is correct, only problem is that ebay doesn't have any way to prove that is shill bidding when seller's friends bid for seller. why do you talking about tax? that is not point. have you ever sold your items at ebay before? if so, did you pay tax to your country? when you buy any item from foreign country, ask your seller to write the real price for customs as you can pay tax. so are you against such ebayer as like kreator / randomcoils? why? because they outbid you?
  11. the shill bidding of drgoon and japanrarehunter is crime. i have reported a UK news in other topic which a UK ebay seller was arrested by police for shill bidding. they are doing same thing. but the actions of kreator and randomcoils is not bad thing. they just buy CDs from ebay and sell them again at ebay. there is not any thing wrong. every used cd shops buy CDs from somebody and resell them at their shops. i have heard some russian ebayers buy stuffs from ebay and sell them to their local customers who are not familiar with ebay or doesn't have paypal account. whether they make profit or not, that is their business.
  12. for example, when drgoon ask his friend momojirou to bid an item for $30, it just means he doesn't want to sell it less than $30. the $30 is actually reserved price. his auctions looks like being started with low starting bid, but that is not true. most of them has reserved price. that is the fact.
  13. for example, momojirou WON 8 items from this seller. but look his bid history. http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidderProfile&mode=1&item=150583168207&aid=u***j&eu=yWK9Z%2F4Ai%2BqhVrQdt3cbPZy66RGxMeEI&view=NONE&ssPageName=PageBidderProfileViewBids_None_ViewLink he actually bid on total 41 items from this seller. so the seller couldn't sell 8 items (can file second chance offer though) but raised the price for other 33 items. and if he want, he can get the ebay fee back as he file mutual agreement. it is true he is doing shill bidding. i have heard about this from his japanese friend. (he said he also bid on drgoon's items by his request before)
  14. not much known, but this well-known ebay seller "drgoon_jpn" is also doing shill-bidding to raise the price. there are "at least" 2 his friends who cooperate with this rip-off http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidItems&userid=norzy&sort=9&page=&rows=0&completed=1&all=1 http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidItems&userid=momojirou&sort=9&page=&rows=0&completed=1&all=1
  15. last time, the account list for shill-bidding by this rip-off http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidItems&userid=sleez777&sort=9&page=&rows=0&completed=1&all=1 (his korean friend) http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidItems&userid=metal72forever&sort=9&page=&rows=0&completed=1&all=1 (his korean friend) http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidItems&userid=hysystem&sort=9&page=&rows=0&completed=1&all=1 (his another account) http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidItems&userid=arterror&sort=9&page=&rows=0&completed=1&all=1 (his korean friend) (there can be more accounts for shill-bidding) that is just the item list he faied as he or his friend won. problem is the items they got outbid. if you purchased any item from this rip-off, check the item bid history, and if the second or third high bidder is one of h***e ( private ) = hysystem , a***a ( 518 ) = metal72forever, 7***e ( 90 ) = sleez777, r***a ( private ) = arterror, YES you got ripped off.
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