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  1. Scorp2121


    Roulettes new cd is called NOW and will be out in October
  2. Scorp2121

    First Signal - album #3

    Hopefully 2018,Find Me 3 is done and is not being released until 2019
  3. Scorp2121

    Gioeli - Castronovo - Set The World On Fire

    Tomorrow first single drops
  4. Scorp2121

    Harem Scarem united

    Tomorrow the ballad one of lifes mysteries is released.
  5. Scorp2121

    Harem Scarem united

    Song was good IMO not as strong as the previous 2
  6. Scorp2121

    Harem Scarem united

  7. Scorp2121

    Harem Scarem united

    No,it's really good just a tad different
  8. Scorp2121

    Harem Scarem united

    I talk to the right people. ?
  9. Scorp2121

    Harem Scarem united

    A little different vibe to the next single United but I think most will like it. Tomorrow it gets released
  10. Scorp2121

    Harem Scarem united

    I think the title track gets released on Monday
  11. Scorp2121

    Harem Scarem united

    Tomorrow the 1st single Sinking ship will be released and it is incredible.
  12. Scorp2121

    Harem Scarem united

    My thoughts exactly
  13. Scorp2121

    Eclipse - Monumentum

    Yes all except night ranger came out the 8th and night ranger on the 10th
  14. Scorp2121

    Harem Scarem united

    Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of HAREM SCAREM's highly anticipated 14th studio album, United on May 12th. The new recording offers up 11 tracks of trademark Harem Scarem music from Harry Hess (lead vocals, keyboards), Pete Lesperance (guitars, bass, keyboards), long-time drummer Creighton Doane, and backing vocals from original sticksman Darren Smith (who will be playing live drums for the band on tour dates). The band is back and stronger than ever! Frontman Harry Hess says: "This year will mark the 30th year of Harem Scarem and I can tell you that we are just as excited about writing and recording today as we were then. The brand new " United " album is one of the best collection of songs we have ever put on one release and I can't wait for everyone to hear it!" Harem Scarem make it clear they still have something to say right from the start with the title track, "United", a chunky slice of guitar-driven melodic rock nirvana that kicks off their strongest studio outing since the early 00s. From there, the album lifts off with well-crafted songs featuring big choruses with simple and addictive hook-laden earworms. Each track carries a power-rock-packed punch, swaggering riffs, and hooks to die for. Hess and Lesperance without a doubt show the world that their partnership still works, that they indeed are still "United". With sales well over a million records in 43 countries and 12 top 40 hits around the globe, 2017 will see Harem Scarem return and ready to dominate while touring the world in support of their 14th studio album, United! United tracklisting includes: 1. United 2. Here Today Gone Tomorrow 3. Gravity 4. Sinking Ship 5. One Of Lifes Mysteries 6. No Regrets 7. Bite The Bullet 8. Things I Know 9. The Sky Is Falling 10. Heaven And Earth 11. Indestructible HAREM SCAREM Harry Hess - lead vocals, guitar Pete Lesperance - lead guitar Stan Miczek - bass guitar Creighton Doane - drums Darren Smith - background vocals, live drummer TOUR DATES (More to be announced soon) - 30 September The Music Hall, Oshawa, Canada - 6 October Norma Jeans, London, Canada - 14 October The Brass Moneky, Ottawa, Canada - 20-22 October Trent University, Nottingham (Rockingham Festival), UK www.haremscarem.net www.facebook.com/harem.scarem.band

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