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    Motley Crue back in the studio

    I love 'Dr Feelgood' too, mate, but what about all their other albums? This was easily their most consistent, but all their others probably have more "good" songs than "great." Don't get me wrong, I love the band. But there is a lot of just "good" stuff in their discography.
  2. What's the general thought on this one? Seems to me you could almost pinpoint this album as the point where he "blew it," commercially. I'm not quite old enough to know exactly how he went in the 80's, but after such a massive hit with 'Missin' You' he had a pretty great platform to re-insert himself into the limelight, but there's barely a useable single on this. I read that the opener, 'Every step of the way' and the limp 'Welcome to paradise' were singles, but neither did too well. I think the two balladic numbers in 'Just Like Lovers' and 'The Choice' are both okay but the entire album is just completely devoid of any commercial appeal. Which is not to say that's a bad thing, or even something he considered. Maybe he purposely went this way as he didn't want another big smash hit... but I find it a really odd, bland album. What do people think of it?
  3. Well hombres, isn't this one a fine album? I think I kind of skipped this over as their first two albums are so weak/average... but jeez did they turn up for this one. Have many folk here heard it? I really like 'Carrie Why' and 'Blame it on my heart.' Other gems are 'You don't want me,' 'You're All That Really Matters' and 'So Cool (Nobody's Fool).' But overall, it's a good, enjoyable listen. Reading up a bit more on these guys, I read they split up in 1986 after this album didn't give them the success they desired. Then, in a twist which I find mind-blowing, the lead singer, Franke Previte wrote the massive hit 'Hungry Eyes' and he also co-wrote '(I've had) The time of my life.' Both were obviously massive hits in 1987 on the 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack. I guess that set him up for life, but shame we never heard from him again in terms of musical output. Anyway, I found that quite interesting.
  4. Geoff

    Motley Crue back in the studio

    Holy shit, double awesome news thread. I didn't know about the movie, so that's awesome news itself. Add to that some new tunes, and I'm a happy individual. As for there being no in-between, isn't most of Motley Crue's stuff in between, lol? Seriously, though. They have a solid amount of cool stuff and very little shit stuff. But a whole shitload of stuff in between!!
  5. Many people heard this one? It's a little bit up and down, but jeez there's some impressive songs on here, with a great production for 1985. Here's a few of my favourite songs on it;
  6. Thanks... tacky as all heck, but cool tune.
  7. Did he do anything else, or was this it? Can't see anything else on the main page of this site.
  8. Geoff

    Jon Waite - 'Mask Of Smiles' (1985)

    All those other early solo albums are pretty cool. Not perfect, at all, but good stuff on them. This one, not so much.
  9. Geoff

    Take Cover

    This is a really awesome band I more or less stumbled across accidentally. If you like stuff like Boy Like Girls' first two albums, this is well worth checking out. Nice big catchy choruses all over the place. Because of the generic band name it's a bit hard to really find out everything about them, but as far as I can tell they have these releases; Take Cover EP (2008) The Last Word (2009) Waiting In the Moment - EP (2010) The Dreamer and the Realist (2011) Here's a few of my favourite songs;
  10. His albums have been getting steadily worse since the one good one he had... and they were awful before that too.
  11. Geoff

    Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy

    'Waging war' is a good tune - second best on the album after 'Still Around,' imo. Those two songs are the clear stand outs on the disc.
  12. i especially hands enjoy if and sex they hair with have and men nice teeth i especially hands enjoy if and sex they hair with have and men nice teeth Okay, so it's definitely a Mac issue as I just jumped on my wife's PC and it works fine. Grrr. Why is Apple so f*cking difficult?!
  13. This one's been a question of mine since the new format and it's time I address it. When I copy and paste from a spreadsheet, it looks like this; 1 . Ted Poley - Modern Art 2 . Station - More Than The Moon 3 . No Sleep for Lucy - Until the End 4 . Nitrate - Real World 5 . Don Vedda - Hell of a Night 6 . Self Deception - Self Deception 7 . Imperium - Beyond the stars 8 . W.E.T. - Earthrage 9 . Gioeli, Castronovo - Set the World on Fire 10 . Sapphire Eyes - Breath Of Ages But how do I get it to look like this (after a sit here for 48min pressing Enter before every number); 1 . Ted Poley - Modern Art 2 . Station - More Than The Moon 3 . No Sleep for Lucy - Until the End 4 . Nitrate - Real World 5 . Don Vedda - Hell of a Night 6 . Self Deception - Self Deception 7 . Imperium - Beyond the stars 8 . W.E.T. - Earthrage 9 . Gioeli, Castronovo - Set the World on Fire 10 . Sapphire Eyes - Breath Of Ages
  14. Oh shit, how do I find that out? The website is ausphotography.net.au - don't know if you can tell from that, but that's beyond my realm of understanding. So when this board was updated to the new format, it was changed from the old one and now handles these lists differently? Or is it really somehow just me and something I'm doing here?
  15. Just tested posting a list on another forum I frequent (a photography one - not music related) and it worked perfect. As it did on the old HH website. Is there some little tweak that's changed that I can alter somehow from the last site to now?
  16. Geoff

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    So out of curiosity, gents, which are the gems I'm missing out on that are so much better than these two? Curious as heck.
  17. Cool, no worries. Out of curiosity, does any use a Mac and have this issue too? I just logged onto Safari to see if it might be different - nope. Same. Grrr. Very frustrating.
  18. Just did another test - posting list in Word and then trying from there - identical results. Could this be some cookie related thing or something?
  19. Yeah, I could probably do that I guess... would love for it just to post like it did in your first post, lol. Any other technically inclined folk have any reason why it's not working for me? Everyone else can posts lists normally? Just even looking at my list compared to yours, Dan, when I entered after each line - is it even odd for me to have those spaces between each line like I do, when yours is just posted as a straight list with no spaces between lines?
  20. Yeah, so when I try the Cmd+v option I get the message 'You are only allowed to upload 10.24kb. And yep, just trying to copy and paste that top 10 list (for the sake of this experiment). So barely any more data than you copy and pasted above. Let me try just the top 5 entries. Okay, so that's how it looks when I just copy and paste the top 5, which is still far less than ideal. I am just hoping to have it look like you did above. Stupid thing is, I think I somehow did it when I posted my "Best Of 2017" list last year, but I haven't been able to do it since and can't for the heck of me think how I might have done that?
  21. How do you do this?! I also use Excel. If I hit Cmd V (on the Mac) a pop up message comes up to tell me that what I am trying to copy is too large. So I opt for Shift/Cmd/V (paste and match style) where it pastes in that first way in my post. How did you do your one? Do you use a PC? Is it somehow a Mac thing?
  22. Geoff

    Treat - Tunguska

    Using your system I think I'd rate the whole album 'Good' except for 'Best of enemies' which would be 'Average/OK.'
  23. Geoff

    Treat - Tunguska

    I don't rate a song on it above 8. Very interesting you say they've gotten better with age, as I generally disagree - though not entirely. For me, 'Organized Crime' is still definitely their best album, with 'Dreamhunter' in third place. But no doubt 'Coup De Grace' was a massive return to form and is in second spot for me. But then 'GOG' slots into fourth spot for a pretty even mix. 'Coup De Grace' needs a reissue already? Really?
  24. Geoff

    Settle your scores - Better luck tomorrow

    Thanks for the thread... I seemed to have missed this one but I'll check it out for sure.

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