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Lookout for this guy on ebay...

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Hey everyone, I leaped before I looked and bid on this guys Concrete Jungle CD he was selling. After looking closer I realized all his auctions were probably boots. I was lucky and was able to cancel my bid (he actually let me do that and was cool about it), I told him I wasn't comfortable spending that much money without using Paypal and was just a bonehead for not seeing it in his auction description.


Today another person sent me a message who won an item from this guy. He saw I had bid on the Concrete Jungle so he was cool enough to try to warn me they are boots, here is his message:


"Hi. I noticed you purchased a cd from glamourbubble. This seller is dealing exclusively in bootleg cd-r's. He charged me $30 for a cheap home made cd-r. I reported him to ebay and the riaa. He has been banned from paypal and has recently made his feedback private to cover up the bad feedback regarding cd-rs. As proof he has also relisted your auction which he billed as the guaranteed last one. I hope this gets to you before you send any money to this crook. Please report him to ebay. "


So I just want to warn everyone so they don't get ripped off.

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Glamourbubble aka Tom Kerlyn.


Acutally, I just checked and it was George Kerlyn. Maybe ripping people off runs in the family :P

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I believe George and Thomas (Tom) are the same person becasue I did a bit of research on him and found a name of someone living in his area by the name of "George Thomas Keryln' so I['m pretty sure it's one-in-the-same person.


Next time some see's any of his auctions, please send me the links asap. I wanna have some fun.

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