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Triple X Bang auction I won

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OK, can anyone read the following ebay auction and tell me from the description what kind of shape this CD is in? I'm the one who won it and got it today and it is scratched to HELL! Not little ones either. More scatches than I can count, big ones and little ones. The front insert is also in pretty rough shape. From how I read it the CD sounds like its in really good condition.




I just want to get some opinions before I start bitching to the seller.


OH - P.S. - You don't need no damn bright light to see them either like the description says, you can see a lot of them in a dark room even :P

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Unless I missed it, he's real careful not to give any type of rated condition (poor/fair/good/very good, etc..). He does say several "light" surface scratches.. that may be one of the points you can disagree with him on & start the claim. And if the front insert is more beat-up than just "indention marks" from the tabs, that's also misrepresentation. He makes the point twice that the condition does not affect play, and that makes me think that he purposely held back giving it a proper, more accurate description.


Based on the description, I would have leaned towards it being in better condition than what you received.


Good Luck!

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Well, the CD does actually skip, on the last track. I emailed him and his reply is:


"All I know is that I played it on my computer and ran

into no problems whatsoever. I will agree that if

someone played it in their car stereo or on a portable

player, then more than likely it will skip.

Sorry this didn't go well. I knew I was taking a

chance on it. It's time for me to realize that this

business is more trouble than it's worth."




So sounds like he knew it was a screwed up disc but played it down to try to sell it for as much as he could. I did offer to buy it for $30 and he could refund me $35 and he agreed (I can get it buffed here in town to take most of the scratches out). That's about as high as I would pay for this disc after it has been buffed. So hopefully all will work out OK.

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Well, the way I interpret the description, I wouldn't have expected the cd to have been in "really good condition" as you say. Then again, I wouldn't expect it to look like it was skipped across a gravel parking lot, either. Does it skip on your cd player? I would contact the seller with your concerns, especially concerning the front insert if it's in rough shape (other than the tab indentations he mentions). Inquire about a possible refund, say around $15.00 & see what the seller comes back with. Good luck!

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$30 sounds extremely reasonable considering the condition of the disc...cool seller (even though he as much admitted that he was trying to pull a fast one). He could've stood by his claim that it played fine on his player & it was TS for you...believe me, that's happened to me many times. Glad it worked out for you.

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i've just had a very similar thing happen to me with a cd that I purchased on ebay from seller 'rock of ages'. Condition was listed as excellent, however the front cover is warped/stained/wrinked badly due to water damage. I've email the seller, so interesting to see what sort of response i get.

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i have been dealing with rock of ages for over 5years & chris is one of the good guys he should sort out the problem for you :)

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