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  1. Richie, I imagined you were so much younger, your pic is of a much younger chap I still get carded pretty regularly when I buy beer or cigarettes, lol. People tend to think I look a lot more late 20's/early 30's rather than a forty-something. Same with Richie on all points, except that nasty buying cigarettes thing I love the look on the clerk's face when s/he checks my i.d.
  2. In Rock we fuckin trust! Fuckin' A, Lees, where the fuck you been? Fuckin A, Keef! I've been fuckin working (too fuckin much) and fuckin vacationing (not fuckin near enough)
  3. Maybe they're trying to tell you to butch up a bit? For now, you gotta stay on the she board.
  4. Not when I've not been here in as many fuckin days
  5. the ever fuckin present smartass. Better than a fuckin dumbass It may have only been a 4-day week this week, but Friday sure took it's own sweet fuckin time getting here
  6. I don't know what they WILL be, but would you believe I can almost guarantee what they WON'T be just by picking them? Why couldn't at least one of us be clairvoyant?
  7. Been doing too much of that necessary evil called 'work.' Would anybody happen to have this weekend's winning Lotto numbers?
  8. Nobody has questioned anything for a month?
  9. um, a fucker-mate is usually another human being - most oft of the opposite fuckin sex.... sometimes of the same sex but that's fuckin ok too. Sometimes it's not another human fuckin being... sometimes it's picnic tables or apple pies. I don't see much fuckin fun in that, however. On another fuckin note... I'm fuckin glad the weekend is here. But I'll be even gladder next weekend, when we get three days! fuckin
  10. Welcome the fuck back, Scott! Friday just needs to fuckin get here.... then next Friday really needs to fuckin get here.... cuz then I start a 5-day weekend
  11. Holy fuck, Lisa! Hope they're not too close to you. Take care and I will do a bomb in the swimming pool tonight with the hope a splash or two reaches you. Thanks Geoff - you da best The third one in a month in my county was contained just two fuckin days ago & flames came within five fuckin feet of my sister-in-law's house on that one. She came home to a note on her fuckin door from the firefighters, thanking her for having all the under-brush cleared away... gave them the fuckin edge they needed to save her house & her neighbor's.
  12. there's over 800 fuckin wildfires burning in Cali now
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