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Dr. Sin


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Their new album came out in Brazil mid December. It is a album that is all covers of songs with "doctor" in them. Below is the list of songs and original bands. Sound like this might be interesting. They have one of the songs up at their my space site:





Calling Dr. Love - Kiss

Dr Rock- Motorhead

Doctor Doctor - UFO

Dr.Feelgood- Motley Crue

Just What The Doctor Ordered-Ted Nugent

Dear Doctor- Rolling Stones

The Doctor- Doobie Brothers

I Don't Need No Doctor - Humble Pie

Rock 'N' Roll Doctor - Black Sabbath

Somebody Get Me A Doctor - Van Halen

Doctor Robert -Beatles, The

Doctor Jazz- King J. Oliver


As for the other titles, Brutal, Insinity, Alive, Dr Sin II and the 10 Years Alive (CD and DVD), will be released again by Unimar Music.


Their New Homepage:



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LOL, thats a cool concept for an album, i awalys like Dr. Sin.


Yeah, I have all their albums and really like them. I can not wait to hear it in full, but am having problems tracking it down, in the US :angry:

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Noticed that a few albums by this band have been added to HH. They sound pretty good. Anyone heard 'Bravo'?


Yep, another strong album from an excellent band. I like everything they've released so far...Jeff.

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