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Online Petition to Ban James Arwine

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Ok folks i have started setting up the petition to forward to ebay.......I am just waiting to hear from Dan, i asked his permission to use the HH site as the Community. If Dan gives the ok i will have this done shortly......If not i will change some things and still get it up and going.....It is time to put Arwine away.....




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I'll repeat what I just sent in my PM. I don't mind you using HH for this, but it won't do any good. Petitions never work. To Ebay it's just noise and whining. If you want to get this guy removed, you need to come up with CONCLUSIVE proof of his activities. Even then, there's nothing to prevent him from creating a brand new UserID...



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Ebay (& their bastard cousin, paypal) are the same way concerning matters like this...they don't give a shit unless the problem is costing THEM money. As long as it's someone elses, they could care less. :2up:

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