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Scary Hairy/Manila Thrills


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OK...so I posted a week or so ago about a 'Manila Thrills' cassette selling on Ebay for $44.51.

Anyways, it was my friend who found the cassette, and sold it on Ebay. I'd never heard of these guys before, but loved the music they offered. Right in the MHR/AOR genre we all love and adore.

I had to find out about these guys. Was this album ever put on CD? How many copies were made?...etc. I e-mailed the studio that produced the album, and though I've never heard back from them I believe they forwarded my e-mail to Michael Beck (the singer for Manila Thrills). He and I have been e-mailing back and forth for about 5 days now.

There were only 1000 cassettes made of this album, and it was never put on CD. What a rarity!!! Michael is very interested in having Manila Thrills re-released on CD. This makes me very excited, as I know this music would be appreciated by those of us that still appreciate the style of music that Manila Thrills has to offer.

I will keep everyone posted in this thread about how things are progressing for Michael in his quest to get this excellent album reissued on CD format.

So....you are probably wondering two things by now:

1. If this music is MHR/AOR, why the hell is this in the Heavy Metal forum?, and

2. Who the hell is Scary Hairy?

Scary Hairy is the band Michael was in right after Manila Thrills. Their CD 'Intent To Deliver' was originally done for ATCO records in the early 90's. It has recently been reissued through Karma Records Group in Europe, and Night Records here in the states.

They are a blend of progressive, melodic metal. Thankfully Karma Records was nice enough to have several MP3's on their site.

I wanted to place this in the Heavy Metal forum so people could check out Scary Hairy. I really like the song 'Show, Place or Win'. I also wanted people to be able to check out Michael's incredible vocals. Picture the same soaring vocals on an excellent MHR/AOR release, and you have Manila Thrills.



Check Out Scary Hairy Here

Check Out Michaels Website Here


Thanks for listening. Watch this thread for further Manila Thrills updates.

Please let me know what you think about Scary Hairy.

Thanks again,


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Excellent work. What avenues are the band taking in trying to get the album reissued?

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Well Michael has his own recording studio located in Mesa, Arizona.

I would assume he would do all the remastering there, but I'm really not sure. We haven't discussed that part of the process yet.

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I also have been in contact with a former band member, guitarist Michael Ratzsloff..he is on the lookout for the cassettes for me ..i was told that the band is spread across the us so it might take some time ..

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Well I just got an email from Michael Beck:


Thats great he found the record in No. Platte. We used to play there alot at the rodeo arena.

It looks like we are going to be re-releaseing the Manila Thrills record on cd in a special collectors edition with some bonus material that got recorded but never before released.

I`m mastering the songs now & it will be out on Retrospect Records sometime before the end of the year.

The Scary Hairy record is doing very well especially in Europe. I just did a radio interview for some station in Germany & one for a mag in Italy.

Thanks for all the info.

Please stay in touch.


Michael Beck




So there you have it folks. Look for the reissue on Retrospect before the end of the year. I know Sams CD's aren't silver pressed, but I'm glad this music will finally see the light of day on a proper reissue. With Michael doing the mastering it should be a great release.

Keep Rockin'


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  • 3 weeks later...



I received an email from Michael Beck last night:



Just wanted to let you know, I`m currently re-mastering the release as well as the unreleased songs. They are coming out great. They are coming off the original 1/4" mix tape from the producer that did the record. He still had it & sent it to me.

There will be 11 tracks total now. The cover for the cd is coming along really great as well.

I`ll let you know a release date when we have one.


Thanks again for all your help,


Michael Beck





Seems like things on the MT front are coming along nicely. I'm going to reply to Michael's email this morning. Glad to see this great music getting a proper reissue.


More to come.....


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Stormspell, or anyone else who is interested in checking out Manila Thrills:

I will be glad to send an MP3 of one of their songs to anyone who pm's me their email address. The MP3 isn't the greatest, but you'll get the idea of their music.

My friend transfered the cassette to MP3, but got alot of feedback.

Anyways, let me know if you'd like to hear a sample of Manila Thrills.


Manila Thrills - Tomorrow's Waiting


1. Gypsy Blood

2. The Long Wait

3. Tomorrow's Waiting

4. Inhibitions

5. Just Gotta Go *MP3 Available*

6. Simple Pleasures

7. Rain (instrumental)

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I sent Sue Moors, and David at Suncity Records an email, and enclosed the 'Just Gotta Go' MP3.


My reply from Sue just 10 minutes after I sent her the email:


Dear Scott


Thanks ever so much for your email and MP3.


It's currently 6.30 am here in Melbourne and David is not around to hear the

music. I will pass it on to him. I am currently listening to it and it

does sound good. Of course we will be pleased to phone them.


Glad to hear you were happy with the first Blue Tears album. Good news is

that the second is not too far off now. Hopefully only a few weeks. The

second is just as good as the first, if not better!


Keep in touch.


Kind regards

Sue Moors




Possibly exciting news here folks!!!!!!


More to come....


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