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bootleg dvds

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i dont usually get involved in commenting on the clowns on ebay (as i know many of you love to do with a passion!:))...

the sellers id is digital_metal and are apparently a dvd seller from melbourne Australia who specialise in our type of music.

the only thing is the dvds are not official. i first noticed a Def Leppard - live euphoria in tokyo dvd, which obviously stands out on aussie ebay. as we know this was never an official release, so out of curiosity i questioned the seller just wondering if they were actually just selling copied cd's or the dvds were actually properly pressed. i mean seriously why would you pay at least 20 bucks for dvdR.

i thought this to be a fair enough question for this type of auction, the seller / wally / clown didnt think so.

my first replies received totally avoided the questions i had given and stated that "it was not a cd but a dvd"....it was obvious what i was referring to.... im sorry but a dvd just happens to be a type of cd does it not? obviously id hit upon something he didnt like. i explained this again and received replies such as "this dvd isnt for you". HAHA

i went into great detail to state the question again so there could be no confusion, the sellers reply was simply "regardless im not selling to you".

i then asked what the seller had to hide with such a simple question for this type of item being totally avoided, ... their reply "just dont like your attitude, so ive blocked you from bidding , take it easy"

HAHA i esp like the "take it easy" bit....

i now know why so many people love heckling these morons....

that seller id again..... digital_metal


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Looks like he's added all nice "official" looking jackets to the bootlegs as well <_<

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That's a bunch of bullshit!! I mean to block you from bidding just for asking a question!! :ahole::2up: Later RW

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