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  1. Europe - Secret society Pretty Maids - Wake up to the real world
  2. Whatever he did.......he's a fucking dumbass!!!!!!!! THAT chick is smokin'!!!! Agreed. That kind of overall look is in effect a free pass to do anything and be adored for it!!
  3. Several copies of WinterStrain - Return to the mirror, since the package from the record company seems to be lost in the mail... At least I'll know a couple of cd's are sold to someone worthy...
  4. LOTR is as close to religion for me as you can get with a non religious man... I have read the books many years ago. The bible, too, come to think of it... I watched I ROBOT tonight. I was entertained. I believe that was the idea.
  5. Helloween - Keeper... The legacy. again FREAKIN' WONDERFUL!!!!
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