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Alice Cooper - Breadcrumbs EP finally gets an international CD release with bonus tracks.

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Released back in 2019 on vinyl only in most of the world, the only place it could be purchased on CD was Japan.

It is finally available on CD to the rest of the world with the addition of two bonus tracks.

One is the usual "bonus" track of a live recording of Go man go, and the other is the song Don't give up which was released at the start of the pandemic as a single.


Follow the breadcrumbs to a sonic treasure trove with Alice Cooper's "Breadcrumbs" EP, which will be available on CD for the first time ever, featuring additional bonus tracks on this edition! Originally released in 2019 as a limited-edition 10" vinyl record, "Breadcrumbs" is a tribute to the garage rock heroes of Alice Cooper's hometown of Detroit. The EP features six tracks that showcase Cooper's raw and energetic take on classic Detroit tunes, including Suzi Quatro's "Your Mama Won't Like Me", Bob Seger's "East Side Story", and the MC5's "Sister Anne". It also includes the two additional bonus tracks "Don’t Give Up", conveying Cooper’s message of hope and perseverance to his fans during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a live version of "Go Man Go" from his electrifying set at Hellfest 2022.

The album featured a star-studded lineup of Detroit musicians, including Wayne Kramer of the MC5, Johnny "Bee" Badanjek of the Detroit Wheels, and Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad.

"Breadcrumbs" marked the beginning of Alice Cooper's homecoming, a journey that culminated in the critically acclaimed studio album "Detroit Stories", released in 2020. This EP served as a taste of Cooper's profound affection for his hometown's rich musical heritage, making it an essential addition for any devoted fan of the shock rock icon.


1. Detroit City 2020
2. Go Man Go
3. East Side Story
4. Your Mama Won't Like Me
5. Devil With A Blue Dress On / Chains Of Love
6. Sister Anne
7. Don't Give Up (Bonus Track)
8. Go Man Go (Live At Hellfest 2022) (Bonus Track)



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2 hours ago, nyoilers said:

It's about time !!

I actually bought the CD when it came out in 2019, and have to say I really am not that fussed about the bonus tracks. The studio track has been downloadable for four years now, and never interested in live tracks. For anyone who didn't get the Jap import this is defo a win as it's pretty damn cheap as well.

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