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Super db - Downtown


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ATTENTION !!!.. all westcoast fans, you need this album in your life. Downtown is the third from this band from the south of England and it is sublime westcoast aor, the perfect summer soundtrack AWESOME. If you like this check out their other albums Ecoute Ca 2021 and Death By Disco 2016.



Full album...


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Huh. I was already following these guys on the Spotifies. Got the new album downloaded, now. 

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    • https://blabbermouth.net/news/l-a-guns-announce-signing-with-cleopatra-records-for-new-studio-album   L.A. GUNS Announce Signing With CLEOPATRA RECORDS For New Studio Album May 30, 2024   Hard rock veterans L.A. GUNS have announced a new partnership with renowned indie label Cleopatra Records for the next chapter of their historic career. Vocalist Phil Lewis and founder/guitarist Tracii Guns are set to continue the band's renaissance that began in 2016 and continues to revitalize L.A. GUNS' massive fanbase as never before. L.A. GUNS' next studio album will be the first fruit of the band's reunion with Cleopatra Records, a label known for its diverse roster and innovative approach to music production. The collaboration comes at a pivotal moment for L.A. GUNS, featuring a mix of classic members and fresh faces, which is set to deliver an album that both honors their legacy and explores new creative horizons.   Brian Perera, owner Cleopatra Records, Inc., said: "I'm thrilled to have L.A. GUNS back home, completing a full circle journey with them. From my early days printing their t-shirts in my parents' garage — side by side with GUNS N' ROSES — to now, I am genuinely excited to welcome them home with a new recording contract at Cleopatra Records. It's not just a signing; it's a celebration of our shared history and a promising future together." Tracii added: "Brian and I go back to the '80s when he began in the business making t-shirts. Since then, we have done multitudes of recordings together, including L.A. GUNS! Coming back to Brian and Cleopatra's creative environment really feels like coming home now 40 years later and our excitement once again for the future is through the roof! LET'S GO!!!" L.A. GUNS' latest studio album, "Black Diamonds", came out in April 2023. It was the fourth studio album since the much-welcome reunion of the band's core foundation of Lewis and Guns. It followed the well-received studio albums "The Missing Peace", "The Devil You Know" and "Checkered Past", plus the live release "Made In Milan", and a covers EP "Another Xmas In Hell". In April 2021, a settlement was reached between drummer Steve Riley and Guns and Lewis over the rights to the L.A. GUNS name. Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Guns and Lewis continue to operate under the L.A. GUNS trademark, while Riley and his bandmates from the other version of L.A. GUNS were allowed to perform and record under the new name RILEY'S L.A. GUNS. Riley died last October at the age of 67. L.A. GUNS was formed in 1983 and have sold over six million records, including 1988's "L.A. Guns" and 1990's "Cocked And Loaded", both of which were certified gold. "Cocked And Loaded" contained the hit single "The Ballad Of Jayne" that went to No. 33 on Billboard's Hot 100 and No. 25 on the Mainstream Rock charts. From the mid-'90s to the mid 2000s, L.A. GUNS continued to tour and release new music. Following their successful performance at SiriusXM's Hair Nation festival in September 2016, L.A. GUNS went into the studio to record the critically acclaimed "The Missing Peace", which was the highest-selling release for Frontiers Music Srl in 2017. Their 12th album, "The Devil You Know", was released in 2019 to the same critical acclaim. Since reuniting, Tracii and Phil continue to tour around the world with L.A. GUNS, which currently includes Johnny Martin (bass) and Ace Von Johnson (guitar).
    • Nobody's Business-Lou Reed
    • Signing out makes it sound like he is quitting though or this is his final album. Signing back in would make more sense with it being his return. And to be honest, this "NEW" name by the recent band pretending to be Autograph is awful, and they should have maybe used a name that reflects the original band name through one of their album titles. Sure "Sign In" or "Signing in" would have made a better name than "Autograph Beyond"
    • I am guessing it may be AI generated. It reminds me more of Dokken than MC.
    • Sounds better to me...only one thing...it doesn't sound like Motley Crue...be that now or in the 80's.
    • Interesting.  That definitely sounds better to me.
    • Good song! Have given the new album a listen.  I was kind of lukewarm on the debut.  Liked some of it, but it ultimately it didn't have much staying power for me I think mostly because it just all felt so familiar.  I think only 3 songs survived into my playlists from it (1989, On The Run and Tomorrow).     As for the new one, I'm liking about half of it.  For me, it starts off great but loses some steam in the 2nd half.  I'd say Last To Know and Unchain My Heart are probably my early favorites on the album.  Frankly, Unchain My Heart my be my favorite song this band has done.  Teenage Rebel, Victorious and We Come Alive all pretty good though.  Not really much beyond those songs grabbing me right now but maybe some other songs will grow on me.  Or maybe it won't have much staying power again like the debut....we'll see I guess. Overall, I think initially I like it a little more than the debut but it's pretty close.  Actually, I think if I could combine both albums then it would make 1 really killer album     
    • Escape The Hive - This Is Gonna Sting! Jukebox Heroes - Jukebox Heroes Various - Rock Of Norway presents Melodic Hard Rock & AOR Vol.2 (2-CD) Various - Munich Hardest Hits - Vol. 10 Unchain - Plug & Play Dog Tag - Eat This The Heat - Goldfinger Vambo - II West Alley – A Night To Remember Stormburst - III White Skies - Black Tide Ron Coolen - Here To Stay (feat. Keith St. John) Fatal Vision - Twice Dreamtide - Drama Dust Dream      
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