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Found 8 results

  1. Alright @Jez, did you know about this one, too? I feel you've been holding out on us. I had never heard of them, but they're Canadian, so that explains it. Why would Canadian radio ever promote good music from Canadian artists? Anyway, Monkey House are a quartet from Toronto, and began as an outlet for songs frontman Don Breithaupt felt didn't suit the artists he was pitching to. Some nice features along the way, too. The lean a little towards Jazz at times, but there's still plenty of Westcoast goodness throughout. You'll wanna check this out, @Mr.AOR. Remember the Audio (2022)
  2. As Jezzer mentioned in the Dawn Patrol thread, Phil Martin and Lo van Gorp's main project is Martin & Garp. They released an album last year called Sentimental Fools, and while it's decent enough I hope they would continue on with Dawn Patrol instead. That's not to say this isn't worth your time.
  3. The Spotifies finally--FINALLY!--recommended some good music to me. Not only was it new to me, but it appears no one here has been discussing it. Mind you, it is Westcoast AOR, and there are only a handful of folks on this site who appreciate this subgenre. Anyway, this band is called Dawn Patrol. They're from the Netherlands. And they dropped their debut album, Bring On the Good Times, back in April.
  4. How did i miss this last year but i am absolutely loving this, this is going on my summer 2019 play list, perfect poolside listening...
  5. New album from Ole Borud, love this guys stuff...
  6. This may not be for everyone but I know Jez will like it. I really like the work he did with Fireal and with the late PJ Rautianen (RIP). I guess the demos cut with PJ won't be officially released. From www.contanteysonante.com: Tomi Malm hails from Finland and has been a respected figure for the past twenty-plus years on the North-European music scene. Malm works as a composer, arranger, orchestrator and producer on a multitude of successful records, TV themes and multimedia scores. In 2009, Malm rose to international attention with the now-classic release of Fly Away: The Songs Of David Foster, also on the Contante & Sonante label. Malm arranged and produced a number of David Foster's classics on Fly Away. Malm showed such creativity and freshness on these recordings that he gained high praise and blessings from “The Hitman” David Foster himself. That project took the West Coast/quality pop music scene by storm, and in the past few years it has become a landmark for musicians and fans of the genre on every corner of the planet. Today, Tomi Malm returns with Walkin’ On Air, his debut solo album, another stunning ride on pop music's most elegant grooves. On this collection of winning tracks, the Finnish wizard wrote or co-wrote all but two of the songs. The track list presents a variety of styles, from jazz-infused pop gems to refined ballads, smooth funky jams and pristine fusion instrumentals. Featuring an extraordinary cast of world-class vocalists, including Jason Scheff, Clif Magness, Jeff Pescetto, Warren Wiebe, ZoSia, Frank Adahl, Julian Thomas, Jerry Lopez, Shem von Schroeck and Ashton Moran, Malm's inventive arrangements and top-notch production are brought to life thanks to the usual ace session roster that includes legends such as Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Zappa, Herbie Hancock), John “JR” Robinson (Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones) and Simon Phillips (Toto, The Corrs, Peter Gabriel) on drums, Dan Warner (Madonna, Timbaland, Barry Gibb) and James Harrah (Aaron Neville, Herbie Hancock, Chris Botti) on guitars, Neil Stubenhaus (Roberta Flack, Joe Cocker, Michael McDonald) and Alex Al (Michael Jackson, Al Jarreau, George Duke) on bass, Robbie Buchanan (Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Chaka Khan) on keyboards plus Luis Conte (James Taylor, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton) on percussion. The horn department is also stellar, with aces like Eric Marienthal (Chick Corea, Barbra Streisand, Elton John) and Brandon Fields (Tower of Power, The Rippingtons, George Benson) on sax, and a guest appearance from the smoking Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns. Get the CD here: http://contanteysonante.bigcartel.com/product/tomi-malm-walkin-on-air Tracklisting: 01. “Kuwakaribisha” (Tomi Malm) 02. “Favor” Featuring Frank Adahl (Tomi Malm / Frank Adahl) 03. “When You’re Gone” Featuring Julian Thomas (Tomi Malm / Cecily Gardner) 04. “Walkin’ On Air” Featuring Jason Scheff (Tomi Malm / Jackie Kavan) 05. “Show Me A Sign” Featuring Warren Wiebe & ZoSia (Hank Easton) 06. “Perfect Imperfection” Featuring Jeff Pescetto (Tomi Malm / Jackie Kavan) 07. “Still Life” (Tomi Malm) 08. “Wouldn’t It Be Kinder” Featuring Shem (Tomi Malm / Cecily Gardner) 09. “Let’s Get To It” Featuring Jerry Lopez (Tomi Malm / Jerry Lopez) 10. “A Reason To Smile” Featuring Julian Thomas (Jeremy Lubbock) 11. “You Belong To Me” Featuring Clif Magness (Tomi Malm / Jeri Lynne) 12. “Today” (Tomi Malm / Jyrki Manninen)
  7. Hadn't listened to this gem in while but gave it a listen this morning, if you're into your westcoast aor then i can highly recommend this album. Quality songs by quality musicians and just a westcoast aor gem of an album.
  8. It took these Norwegians 11 years to release their second album 'Destination Anywhere'. First one was called 'Crack A Little Smile'. From FB: Our first album " Crack a little smile" are available in a limited number as well as Our second album "Destination anywhere". Send an e Mail to : tom@latenightmusic.no. For ordering. Stoneflower: Frode Henriksen - Vocal Tom Sennerud - Guitar, Vocal Svenn Huneide - Bass, Vocal Tracklist: Destination Anywhere Can't Take It Fire And Rain Another Day Dream L.O.V.E. I Will Remember Glory Daze She's A Stoneflower Just One Night Taster: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=358005594350157&set=vb.100004221586524&type=2&theater Some songs from 'Destination Anywhere': https://www.reverbnation.com/stoneflower/songs Video from the first album 'Crack A Little Smile':
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