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Manic Eden album being re-released

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Comes out April 12th.

Not sure of the point though seeing as it has no bonus tracks (not even the original Jap bonus), isn't remastered and you can still find the original release for pennies.

But anyway, if anyone is interested


Also available on vinyl.


Manic Eden - Manic Eden
30th Anniversary edition of the hard rock band's only album!


Pre-order the CD from the Mascot Webstore


Manic Eden were a short-lived hard rock band consisting of former members of Whitesnake and Little Caesar. Following David Coverdale's decision to place Whitesnake on indefinite hiatus in the early 1990s, Manic Eden was founded in 1993 and had 3 members of Whitesnake from the Slip of the Tongue-era: Adrian Vandenberg (guitar), Rudy Sarzo (bass) and Tommy Aldridge (drums). Little Caesar vocalist Ron Young was the final piece of the puzzle.

In 1994 Manic Eden released their first and only album, with cover art by Adrian Vandenberg. Now, 30 years later, on April 12 2024, it will be re-released on Music Theories Recordings.


1. Can You Feel It
2. Gimme A Shot
3. Fire In My Soul
4. Do Angels Die
5. Pushing Me
6. Dark Shade Of Grey
7. Keep It Coming
8. When The Hammer Comes Down
9. Ride The Storm
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Wish it was a double disc. The second had James Christian's vocals, as he going be original  singer

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“Do Angels Die”


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