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Multiple videos for the same song


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So, my brother came to visit last weekend, and we went down memory lane on youtube, watching some of the videos we remembered from our old VHS tapes from back in the day.

One of the videos we wanted to watch was "Don't treat me bad" from Firehouse, turns out the video we found, was not like the one we remembered.


The one we had recorded from Headbanger's Ball on our VHS tape, was this one:


Are there other examples of this?

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First one that came to mind…



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I thought the new intro to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" were made for the "Vault" album, but it says official music video in the clip above?

I remember buying the "Vault" record and thought the intro to the song were soooo much cooler than the one on Hysteria.

It's one of the best songs in the world btw.

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Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You

Standard version 


Streets of Fire version 


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