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Any Given Day + Annisokay - H.A.T.E.


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I am so far beyond ready for all this screaming shit to be a thing of the past. It was impactful when it popped up here and there, but it needs to be a thing of the past, or used sparingly, please, for the love of christ, so we can all move forward. Song is awesome when the chorus hits, but the verses probably keep it off an annual playlist. Maybe. Everything else is pretty killer... just so sick of the screams. 

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'HATE' and 'Broken Guardian' are my favourite songs on this album but all in all, the screams just annoy me and take away from an otherwise massive sounding album. It's unfortunate, but I find myself listening to a lot of these screamy bands now wondering how many are doing it because they always just wanted to scream on an album, or how many are doing it because that's what people do these days. Who ever knows, but I wonder if there'll come a day where a lot of these bands think, "man I wish we'd released that album without the shitty screamy vocals and actually sung on it." Maybe none, but maybe a few. 

Musically, very awesome. 

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