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Khalil Turk & Friends - Turkish Delight Volume 2


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From Escape Music:

‘Turkish Delights Volume Two celebrates the absolute joy that Escape Music co-owner Khalil Turk has for the kind of music he loves so much and has spent the last thirty and then some years championing. Indeed, his enthusiasm for a new band or a new song today is no different from when I first met him in the mid ‘80’s. I lost count of the number of phone calls he made to me when I was working for ‘Kerrang!’ magazine, where he would excitedly tell me ‘Dave, you just have to listen to this! It’s brilliant! You’ll love it!’ before playing me something over the phone – new and often obscure - he had picked up on his international record buying trips. Nine and a half times out of ten he’d be right!!

Khalil’s quality control has been such that the record label he co-founded with fellow melodic rock enthusiast Barrie Kirtley in 1995 remains reliably and solidly in place all these years later. Escape continues to deliver monthly doses of quality hard rock, melodic rock and AOR to a very devoted following.  

Khalil had first entered the music business in the early ‘90’s, effectively as a talent scout for the German owned Long Island label. However, after the company folded, Turk felt  that, rather than look at opportunities with other labels, he had the enthusiasm and now had rather more knowledge of the inner workings of the music business to put something together himself alongside the equally enthusiastic and astute Kirtley. We’ve seen hundreds of solid album releases from a huge variety of acts (including AXE, Steve Walsh (Kansas), John Elefante (Kansas), Lonerider, Shadowman, Alliance, Pinnacle Point, Mass, Heartland, Grand Illusion, Overland, Last Autumn’s Dream, Punky Meadows, ColdSpell, Chris Ousey, Ozone, Hurricane, Lonerider and Touch, to name just a few) as well as reissues (from Aviator, Sugarcreek, Jon Butcher Axis, Franke And The Knockouts, FM, Tantrum and Surrender, Zon, Hanover Fist etc) ever since.

So here we are, over twenty five years since that first Escape Music album appeared hot off the presses (Heartland’s ‘III’ album in November 1995, if you’re asking) and this collection of songs, personally chosen by Khalil, reiterates that pure joy he still possesses for the music he is utterly immersed by.

With material from the pens of Fredrik Folkare (Eclipse), Peter Hallgren, Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network) Lee Small (Phenomena/Lionheart/Sweet), Steve Morris (Export/Ian Gillan/Heartland), Mike Slamer (City Boy/Steve Walsh/Seventh Key), Mick Devine (Seven), Steve Newman (Newman/Compass) and Tommy Denander (Radioactive/Steve Walsh) there’s also a list of musicians culled from Khalil’s contact book that, quite frankly, is VERY impressive. Just a few names appearing on ‘Turkish Delights Vol 2’ to throw at you include Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen/Ted Nugent/Ring Of Fire), James LaBrie (Dream Theatre/solo), Billy Sheehan (Talas/David Lee Roth/Mr Big), Ralf Sheepers (Primal Fears/Gamma Ray), Jean Beauvoir (Crown of Thorn/ solo), Jules Galli (Levara), Jeff Scott Soto, Chris Childs (Thunder), Kai Hansen (Helloween/Gamma Ray/Iron Savior/Unisonic) Andrew Freeman (Great White/Last In Line), Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden/Lionheart), Steve Mann (MSG/Lionheart), Josh Devine (One Direction/Levara)), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake/Journey), Paul Taylor (Winger/Alice Cooper/The Road), Marc Storace (Krokus/solo), Robin Mc Auley (Grand Prix/MSG), Dino Jelusick (JeluSick/Trans Siberian Orchestra/Dirty Shirley/ George Lynch) Ben Cristo (Sister Of Mersey/Black Diamond), Jerome Mazza (Pinnacle Point/solo), Tony Harnell (TNT/Morning Wood/Westworld/Starbreaker/solo), Laurence Archer (Grand Slam/Thin Lizzy/solo)and Rudy Sarzo (Quite Riot/Ozzy Osborne). This is a cast of thousands. Well, it at least appears that way!

It’s a very interesting package and, as Khalil would surely say, you’ll love it!

Dave Reynolds

New Release Date: 14th July 2023
CD Catalogue No: ESM378
CD Bar Code: 5031281003782
Vinyl catalogue No: ESMV1011
Vinyl Barcode: 5031281010117

The Musicians are:

Robin Mc Auley (MSG/Black Swan/solo)
James LaBrie (Dream Theater/solo)
Dino Jelusick (JeluSick/Trans Siberian Orchestra/Dirty Shirley/ George Lynch)
Marc Storace (Krokus/solo)
Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman/W.E.T/Sons Of Apollo/Journey/Yngwie Malmsteen)
Ralf Sheepers (Primal Fears/Gamma Ray)
Jean Beauvoir (Crown of Thorn/ solo)
Jerome Mazza (Pinnacle Point/Kansas)
Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network)
Tony Harnell (TNT/Morning Wood/Westworld/Starbreaker/solo)
Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen/Ted Nugent/Ring Of Fire)
Jules Galli (Levara)
Andrew Freeman (Great White/Last In Line)
Lee Small (Phenomena/Lionheart)
Mick Devine (Seven/The Roads)
Paul Taylor (Winger/Alice Cooper/The Road)
Kai Hansen (Helloween/Gamma Ray/Iron Savior/Unisonic)
Paul Logue (Edens Curse/James LaBrie)
Keith Atack (Atack/Bonnie Tyler)
Mohammed Alsadeqi (Osiris)
Billy Sheehan  (Mr Big/The Flood/ Winery Dog)
Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake/Thin Lizzy/Journey)
Rudy Sarzo (Quite Riot/Ozzy Osborne)
Wayne Banks (Saxon/Brazen Abbot/Robin Gibb)
Takeaki Itoh (Pinnacle Point)
Mike Slamer (Streets/Seventh Key/Steve Walsh/City Boy)
Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden/Lionheart)
Laurence Archer (Grand Slam/Thin Lizzy/solo)
Ben Cristo (Sister Of Mersey/Black Diamond)
Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed/Eclipse)
Peter Hallgren
Tommy Denander (Steve Walsh/Radioactive/Overland/Chris Ousey)
Steve Mann (MSG/Lionheart)
Steve Morris (Ian Gillan Band/Heartland/Lonerider)
Chris Childs (Thunder/Lonerider/Tyketto)
Charlie Calv (Angel/Shotgun Symphony)
Nick Foley (Atack)
Michael T.Ross (Hardline/Missing Persons/XYZ/Lita Ford)
Kjell Haraldsson (Glen Hughes)
Josh Devine (One Direction/Levara)
Johan Kullberg (Hammerfall)
Steve Newman (Newman)

1. No One Knows Your Name     4:19  
(Fredrik Folkare / Peter Hallgren)
Ralf Scheepers: Vocals
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars
Peter Hallgren: Guitars
Mark Robert Boals: Bass / backing vocals
Steve Mann: Keyboards
Johan Kullberg: Drums

2. Come On   4:06
(Fredrik Folkare / Peter Hallgren / Jean Beauvoir)
Jean Beauvoir: Vocals
Fredrik Folkare: Guitar / bass
Peter Hallgren: Guitars
Charlie Calv: Keyboards
Johan Kullberg: Drums

3. Destiny  4:43
(Lee Small / Fredrik Folkare / Jonas Tyskhagen)
Andrew Freeman: Vocals
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars
Peter Hallgren: Guitars
Mark Robert Boals: Bass / backing vocals
Kjell Haraldsson: Keyboards
Johan Kullberg: Drums
Lee Small: Backing vocals

4. I Am Ready  5:03
(Fredrik Folkare / Martina Edoff / Erik Mårtesson)
Mark Robert Boals: Vocals
Kai Hansen: Lead Guitar
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars
Steve Mann: Keyboards
Billy Sheehan: Bass
Johan Kullberg: Drums

5. Crazy  4:27
(Mick Devine / Tommy Denander)
Jeff Scott Soto: Vocals
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars
Billy Sheehan: Bass
Tommy Denander: Keyboards
Josh Devine: Drums
Mick Devine: Backing vocals

6. Hold Your Future  4:39
(Mick Devine / Fredrik Folkare / Peter Hallgren)
James LaBrie: Vocals
Keith Atack: Guitars
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars
Peter Hallgren: Guitars
Mohammed Alsadeqi: Guitars
Michael T. Ross: Keyboards
Nick Foley: Hammond
Paul Logue: Bass
Johan Kullberg: Drums
Mick Devine: Backing vocals

7. Future  4:41
(Dan Reed / Steve Morris)
Dan Reed: Vocals
Steve Morris: Guitars / Keyboards
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars
Wayne Banks: Bass
Josh Devine: Drums

8. Higher  3:24
(Fredrik Folkare / Jonas Tyskhagen)
Marc Storace: Vocals
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars
Rudy Sarzo: Bass
Michael T. Ross: Keyboards
Johan Kullberg: Drum

9. Don´t Surrender  4:50
(Fredrik Folkare / Jonas Tyskhagen)
Robin McAuley: Vocals
Ben Christo: Lead Guitar
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars
Rudy Sarzo: Bass
Fredrik Folkare: Keyboards
Vocals recorded by Andy Zukerman

10. Fahrenheit 451  4:28
(Mike Slamer / Lee Small)
Tony Harnell: Vocals
Jerome Mazza: Vocals
Lee Small: Vocals
Mike Slamer: Guitars
Paul Taylor: Keyboards
Marco Mendoza: Bass
Josh Devine: Drums

11. Throwing Bones  3:40
(Steve Newman)
Jules Galli: Vocals
Dennis Stratton: Guitars
Steve Newman: Guitars
Charlie Calv: Keyboards
Takeaki Itoh: Bass
Josh Devine: Drums
Steve Newman: Backing vocals

12. We Carry On  3:56
(Steve Newman)
Dino Jelusick: Vocals
Laurence Archer: Guitars
Fredrik Folkare: Guitars
Steve Mann: Keyboards
Takeaki Itoh: Bass
Josh Devine: Drums


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