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Matchbox 20 - Where The Light Goes (May 26, 2023 Atlantic Records))

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Rob Thomas' last solo disc, "Chip Tooth Smile" was AWESOME, so I'm kinda interested to hear what MB20 come up with here.



1. Friends
2. Wild Dogs (Running in a Slow Dream) 
3. Rebels
4. One Hit Love
5. Warm Blood
6. Queen of New York City
7. Where the Light Goes
8. Hang On Every Word
9. Don’t Get Me Wrong
10. I Know Better
11. No Other Love (Feat. Amanda Shires)
12. Selling Faith


Nearly eleven years since their last release, the band sounds refreshed as ever on Where The Light Goes, benefitting from the musicians’ respective solo journeys. Rob Thomas has proven one of the most highly decorated artists of recent years – releasing five solo albums and receiving three GRAMMY Awards, 11 BMI Awards, the first-ever Songwriters Hall of Fame Hal David Starlight Award, two Billboard “Songwriter of the Year” honors, and top 5 placement on Billboard’s Top 20 Hot 100 Songwriters (2000-2011). Meanwhile, Paul Doucette has scored and contributed original music to film and television series such as Utopia, For All Mankind, and more.


Don't Get Me Wrong


I like it. "Snappy" little tune :tumbsup:


The first single "Wild Dogs"


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Had to give this a spin today... too curious to do otherwise. Didn't like most of it, but the two songs above are a couple of the best, as well as this one;


Overall I guess it's kind of okay. Didn't really do too much for me, though. 

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