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1 Dead Again Jayne
2 SCG XVIII: Nosferiuz Horror Show
3 Unliving Picture Show
4 Inhumanoid
5 Thing in the Cage
6 Vampyro Fang Club
7 The Bride
8 Lucyfer Prime Evil
9 Scarecrow
10 Lycantropical Island
11 In the Castle of Dracoolove
12 The SCG Awards
13 Heavengeance
14 End Credits



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Just literally got the box set, so only quickly flicked through so far, but sounds really good initially. Will be spending time with it all over the weekend.

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This is a really really good album. Typical Lordi fare for the most part, with a couple of twists along the way, 'The Bride' and 'End Credits' springing to mind. As usual, there are some good tongue in cheek moments with the SCG stuff and generally, this is a good mix of what makes this band great, from the riffy melodic metal through to the more keyboardy AOR/Melodic rock stuff. Absolutely no even remotely average songs on here, with my standouts being 'Dead Again Jayne', 'Unliving Picture Show', 'Scarecrow', 'In The Castle Of Dracoolove' and 'Heavengeance'. Super stuff

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