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EverLevel - Future AOR / Melodic Hard Rock from Spain - Currently Digital Release Only

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(2) EverLevel Band | Facebook

After the obligatory pandemic lockdown, AOR / Melodic Rock act EVERLEVEL is back with their new album titled “Future“. While it wasn’t possible to play shows, EverLevel has been busy composing and recording their new material and are delivering here no less than 16 songs.
The original working title for the new album was ‘AorWork’, and this give you an idea of the music packed on this record alone. This is a mix of ’80s inspired melodic hard rock tunes with strong AOR melodies all over served with detailed arrangements and polished production.
EverLevel is a bunch of experienced musicians that have been working together since the mid-Eighties and under different names, however always with passion for classy, timeless AOR.

EverLevel put out an indie album in the early Nineties, then they changed the name to La Fase releasing a self-titled CD which gained a solid reputation and reviews back in the day. After that they continued playing and recording under the name Arka (one album), and then EverLevel again.

“Future” is plenty of energetic songs full of melody akin the classic era for the genre, updated to current times. The album’s new title refers to hope of better things to come after Covid-19, but judging the material on offer the original ‘AorWork’ would have perfectly fit the enjoyable music on it.

01 – Luvless Angels
02 – In Our Hearts
03 – Life Aint Easy
04 – Caution Caution
05 – Waiting 4 Love
06 – Dangerous
07 – Feelings = Magic
08 – Must Be a Sign
09 – LovinGame
10 – Always Running
11 – So I Can’t Go On
12 – Crystal World
13 – Bleeding
14 – Underground
15 – Spirit Dancer
16 – Forever Ones

Lead vocals and guitars – Javier Garcia Uriarte
Keyboards and backing vocals – Jesus Herrera Vera
Bass and backing vocals – Gonzalo Sanchez Machado
Drums and backing vocals – Alberto Rodriguez

Future by EverLevel on Amazon Music Unlimited


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Yeah, songs are simple and kind of okay... but sound quality is very poor. 

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Disappointing album, this one. To be honest, this sounds like a demo that they'd submit to prospective labels in the hopes of landing a deal. But nothing on this album sounds like a final product, unfortunately. Would love to hear these exact same songs with a strong production job and I hate saying stuff like this, not knowing if the dude is the heart of soul of the band, but the band would benefit highly from a strong lead singer too. 

New vocalist, well produced songs, and these guys would be very worthwhile. 

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    • If they made something along the lines soundwise to Prisoners In Paradise i'd be well pleased , can't see it...but we can hope.
    • Have to take that interview with a pinch of salt. Firstly because John said they have tried metal and tried grunge, but none of their albums are really either of those. They are just "modern" sounding which pretty much takes a small pinch of everything really. Yes songs like The Beast are about as close to metal as they have done, none of their albums scream metal or grunge. I also don't think you can really take much from anything John says as he is not the one controlling the band, that is Joey. Think I have said this story before, but a friend of mine is a huge Europe fan and she used to go to all their gigs and even hung out with them a few times. She was a massive fan of John but she said Joey was a lot tougher to get to know as he was like a dictator in the band. He said jump and John (and the others) said how high? I don't think Joey is a bad person or anything like that, just that he likes to run the band how he likes it. And with what Geoffrey just said, it does not matter what Ian hints at with how happy he might be with newer material, he knows what side his bread his buttered on and stays with the band. If he hated it that much, why doesn't he leave? Mostly because he knows this is where he is best off. He has worked with other artists like Glenn Hughes etc over the years, so he knows there is work out there for him, but he must feel that Europe is the best place for him.
    • I remember listening to an interview with Ian Haugland recently where he mentioned that ‘Prisoners in paradise’ was his favourite album and I got a very distinct impression he didn’t love what they were doing these days.    Same dude interviewed Kee Marcelo who said he’d have no interest in returning to Europe, hypothetically, of course, as Norum seems locked in… and he said not a chance if they kept playing what they are these days.    Either way, I hope this story is true because it’s an incredible waste of what could still be a good band. Savage waste, one might say, and I’d love to hear another crack at good music. 
    • https://bravewords.com/news/europe-want-to-return-to-classic-80s-melodic-hard-rock-sound-on-new-album-i-think-that-we-should-go-full-circle-says-john-norum
    • I think I'm becoming a fan!
    • Daniels,Bell and the drummer are nothing but worthless scabs and posers....I hope Steve Lynch buries these turds through litigation.If he could pull off a small miracle and pull Plunkett' back into the fold for a couple reunion gigs,that alone would be the biggest middle finger to these tossers.
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