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Phoenixx - In Flight (Recorded in 1988 / Released 2022)


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▶︎ In Flight 1988 | > PHOENIXX < | Freddy Krumins (bandcamp.com)

Phoenixx - In Flight CD. Heavy Harmonies Discography

As best I can tell, this is a digital only release, which is a damn shame, as what I've listened to so far has been quite good! :banger: 


Seattle not only should be remembered for the grunge; there was an interesting hard rock scene there during the ’80s. One of these bands looking for recognition was PHOENIXX, a 6-piece rocking outfit including the classic twin guitar attack, cool keyboards / synths, and powerful singer with a clean voice.
PHOENIXX played the club circuit and managed to professionally record an album only released locally on cassette and when they were ready to move to California, the group disbanded pursuing different interests.

Now 2022 and PHOENIXX’s first and only album ”In Flight” from 1988 is finally reissued for all of us enjoyment, including 3 very well done demos previously unreleased. Musically this is a pretty awesome mix of ROUGH CUTT, DOKKEN, HURRICANE and some Americanized WHITESNAKE.
There’s polished, elaborated songwriting, excellent vocals and very solid musicianship, while production and especially the mix, are second to none. Check the video below…




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28 minutes ago, auslander said:

Is that cassette tape hiss I hear at the start of the song? Is the whole album like that or only the demo tracks?

"One Voice", which is a demo, is the only one I hear the tape "hiss" on...

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