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The Violent Inzident - This is Nu Metal! (for Steel Panther fans)


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Anyone heard this one? Some pretty funny shit on this thing. I thought this tune was magnificent and urge anyone who ever liked Steel Panther to allow this into your ears-


Another couple of songs I found a tad amusing too-






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@Leykis101have you given that first tune a listen? Every time it comes up in my playlist it reminds me of when we were in a band together. Seriously, dood, check it out, I reckon you'll love it. Hopefully it brings up some fond memories of me and our time in the band. 


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I dont want to start listening cause they will announce ive gotta board the plane, then i'll get distracted so i'll check it out as soon as I can listen without distraction, my first thought was it sure looks promising, LOL, but ill check it out.

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