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Cori Bush


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This fucking loud mouth entitled piece of shit Naggr needs to be disappeared, she drove the defund the police movement, and we just found out she has spent $70 large on her own private security detail, she needs to be beaten black and blue, the whole squad other then AOC need to be taking a swim in the ocean, these are the epitome of the garbage that's fueling the left to be radical, I just dont take AOC that serious, plus i wanna pipe her, this bitch and her fake ass lying bullshit gotta go, she basically went on stuart faggerson and just said defunding the police is gonna happen, she needs security cause her body needs to be alive so she can do her work for the people, NONE OF THE PEOPLE IN HER DISTRICT WANT THE POLICE DEFUNDED! this is the kind of narcissism, that is going to refuel a simmering pot right now.

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have you ever seen a strait ghetto bitch in office? well you have now

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