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I hate Facebook so fucking much. I can't for the life of me figure out why it's so popular.

The stupid memes...... the stupid "finish this lyric" bullshit..... the non-stop ads..... the fucking Nigerian scammers......

Why the fuck does anybody LIVE on this fucking shit website????

We lost a ton of posters who would rather have a 1 second gratification then actual music discussion. Some claim they have no time for HH anymore but spend all day posting the vinyl they are listening too.

I hate Facebook. 


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Well you seem to have found one reason on it, I notice you like to swoop in and leave a vulgar and degrading comment to people on my posts, I always like seeing that, it breaks up the monotony of fighting 10 on 1 all the time, not that I care that much anymore how many people im fighting with at 1 time, but it kind of knocks them off their game, so I can take advantage of that and drop in with shit that gets them so pissed, they just snap and block me,, I give ya 4 out 5 stars, minus 1 for consistency.

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